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A goal and I I remember okay a piece it together now urges it just did a did it just woken up three fingers around and I went through the Mordecai and I went through this to Twitter could easily do that before going to bed to submit a news stories or what's going on and I saw this and I must not have been and obviously there I was Fawzi ello fob foggy and I saw this like all brown okay dance where they heard given random managing I never heard his name before so I jumped from the uniform brown is back Kevin brown as well at least I can say I didn't make up the tweet the tweet was there they guided me the dead in just like come out of thin air like conjure up a tweet that never existed twin existed it's just that tweet existed did much differently in my mind that it existed in reality out of the box managerial hires have been a thing over the last couple years your excuse for that and on top of that there was something that triggered you thinking that Kevin brown his manager it actually happen you weren't imagining it so the best news about this is that you're not having some sort of a manic episode so we can all breathe easy by the way the tax line is asking Rajagopal questions one ninety five has a drug habit TJ hooker in the fall guy I'm not really gay says how bad **** was a truck in the fall guy I love the fall guy that at other Thomas and about after her Thomas for so have a lot Thomas yeah definitely heather Thomas how bout this yo rod how bout Hardcastle and McCormick I remember was it because he hears well of eighties TV shows detective shows because they all had bad **** cars if I remember and Hardcastle McCormick at a curly here do the young and he had an older guy with white here I don't know why I want to say I don't remember his name but they have like a red sports car so that I don't remember but if you were there to do that if you get if you wanna talk eighties TV shows I'm your man and nobody ever wants to talk eighties TV show nine says Mr she was hanging with Polly mac this morning I was not that I was there you know I don't do it is to be with my friends it's and it's legal night time for traffic.

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