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Early in games, minimize the and that's part of the thing that Mike Smith brings is the podcast. It's like a third defenseman out there. Teams play entirely differently against Mike Smith than they do against me. They soft chip and soft up against me go try to create some turnovers and they hard rim on Smith because he can knock pucks and he can transition. And Emma turns in off the rush team. So I would hazard a guess I'm almost certain that Dave had repeatedly spoken to me about being ready early in games and it was the last and the question was asked specific to the first goal against not in terms of Miko's overall performance. So if I'm given the coach a bit of a break on that, I just, I trust safe and I trust and report that he has with his players. And I believe that to be the case, I can tell you, when I've challenged them on stuff, like Evan boozer, play it more. He's been open to listen, doesn't necessarily mean steps my position as being the right one. But just the way he handles these things and diffuses things. I don't think that he's necessarily a guy that just puts gasoline on the fire. Yeah. You were always a guy that was into the defensive core that we would have and we'd be talking D and that was at the time he said, they got to play this Petri more. There's kids a player. And it sounds like now that's Boucher for you a little bit where it's like, hey, look, let's ride him a little bit more. Start giving him 23 minutes as opposed to what it's playing now 1718. Well, Ryan, he's at 21. Oh, good. Call it. Yeah, but Bouchard is an offensive defenseman. He should have played more last year. He reported in very good shape, frankly it was in better shape than Ethan bear was last season coming out when we got started up in January. And I think Jim play fair and Dave tippett shit out of him on the lineup and a regular basis. Now they had Adam Larson. They signed Tyson very led all defensemen and scarring. They still had bear. But I wouldn't have had a problem if they would have played all four right shots. Looking at the makeup of the orders defense. So that's me. I also think that, you know, they used to say, guys, the NHL is not a development league. Yes, it is. In a cap system, you have to have productivity from entry level players. And that means, like, the best coaches today teach. And they teach in a positive manner. They treat their players with respect and dignity from the beginning of the relationship. And that way they engender passion from them to get the most out of the players. And I would have had Bouchard playing last season. The minutes of play is fine. This guy has a chance to be an I'll tell you what he is for, I don't want to go too far back, but he's a bit like Larry Murphy. He's right shot, skilled, but at times it looks like he doesn't play if not for tensity and passion because he's got he's got a slow twitch because he doesn't panic under pressure. And sometimes that gets him into trouble. Yeah. But is it a given that this team makes a move or several moves at this point? I like to make a move at some stage. Everybody's focused on goaltender. We'll see what happens with Kane. Obviously, the league's got to make a ruling first. I think Hamilton's got a chance to get a Vander cane. I'm hearing there's a couple other teams that have entered the fray there. And why wouldn't they? Why wouldn't they take the chance on a short term deal? And you know what, if you're sitting there first second or third in a league, maybe you don't do that, but maybe if you like and Emmett needs to change the makeup of their forwards, they're too small in the bottom 6. And when you have those big horses like McDavid and dry settle down the middle, I'm a little old school. Like I grew up playing against Todd you and Martin already. You know, Todd you and the only guy ever to knock bob out in a fight. God rest assault Todd was a tough dude. He could shock him. He was an unbelievable player growing up. Like most of those guys were that morphed into sort of that enforce his role. But I'm from Western Canada. We watched Wayne Gretzky, be protected by Dave simek, and Martin was sorely in Kevin mcclelland. I still think you need a little bit of muscle, especially when you have top end guys like McDavid and dry settle. So I will look for the letters to build a bigger forward squad and maybe even add a little bit of size and defense as well. I mean, his goaltending up priority, do you think that definitely going to move for a goal? Are they going to try to see what happens with smaller or circling back to the question who starts? And that's a fair question. And it's hard to do. Like if you're Mark Andre florid, you waive your no movement close to come damaging right now. No, you're probably waiting to see what's my best chance to win at the trade deadline. Now what I'm telling you is I think the Pacific division's wide open and I don't think the west is anywhere near as good as east. So I think there's more opportunities to climb up the charts as a season goes on. I got to get your opinion on the press conference last week with I knew this was kind of the well it's funny because I talked about it right before you came on. And I said it's just been so long and there's been so many years of just bad teams and the same questions being asked in the same questions being answered. And you could tell me if I'm wrong, but it just seems like over time. It's just the reporters are sick of asking the questions and the players are sick of hearing it. We've had the thing about the evidence in media is it's a lot of the same guys for years and years and years, right? You're in a market and I'm a huge NCAA college football fan Ryan as you know. Not to answer up to you quick, quick. So it's Robin Brown, these around Matthews. He's sort of out of the mix, but march spector Jim Matheson has been covering the team for 45 years. Terry, Rashad..

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