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Most since November Monday, as lawmakers move closer to making a TikTok ban possible. Nurses at med star Washington hospital in northwest D.C. are getting pay raises of 15 to 33% over the span of their new three year contract. D.C. juice and smoothie shop, south block, just open his 14th location at Chester brook shopping center in McLean a 15th one opens the summer on Amazon's headquarters two campus, but now gained 40 points Monday, but the NASDAQ lost 13. Jeff cable. News. Coming up on WTO P, we're more than a year out from election day, but the presidential race is already taking shape. We'll talk about the race so far with Washington Post senior political reporter, Aaron Blake, just ahead. It's 9 ten. In 2022, shulman Rogers looked at how it could better serve its clients. One way was to open a new full service office in Northern Virginia, where many of its clients have their businesses, work, and live. Managing partner Sam spirito explains the unique way the law firm views its relationship with clients. We really feel like we're partners of our clients and that partners in the sharing of profit sense, but their problems are our problems. We really try and not just be an executioner of their work or transaction, but really be thoughtful about what we can do, what relationships can we introduce them to, what opportunities are out there. We think about the client attorney relationship differently than many firms and we really take a connector approach to our clients and really think about how we can help them be the most successful to learn more about the firm's new full service location and Tyson's corner, as well as about all its practice areas and attorneys, visit showman Rogers dot com. What's for dinner, burgers? After last week, no thanks. Avoiding foods due to fear of diarrhea, gas, bloating stomach pain, or loose oily stools, it may not be just stomach issues. It could be EPI or exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. EPI can cause uncomfortable symptoms because it's a condition where the pancreas doesn't release enough digestive enzymes to break down food

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