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Here on talk radio 77 w A b c W A B C traffic in transit or have a new accident. This one in New Jersey South bound on the Garden State Parkway Down by exit 100. There is an accident with one lane out. You're also looking at delays as you travel out onto the north bound side of 27 outings and 13 in New Jersey. A stall in the left lane Jersey Turnpike north by the eastern Spurred north of 14. That bus is still there in the right lane on 27 in Westchester eastbound. Makes an 11th a crash on the shoulder. Now in bad Ally, a Queens boulevard in an accident. You've got a collision on the hunch North bound of America, crowed the one South down there with the drawbridge has been cleared mass Transit now actually pretty good in alternate side is, in effect the supporters of service of CVS to pays to fill your prescriptions at CBS. In fact, you could earn up to $50 an extra bucks each year just for filling your prescriptions that's healthier, made easier. Visit CVS today or go to CBS com slash Rx Rewards or the Pharmacy for details. I'm Joe Nolan, the traffic talk radio 77 w. ABC. Springtime is the right time for a new Mazda at Ramsey Mazda during their Memorial Day savings event. Warmer.

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