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Hey and welcome to the short stuff. I'm josh and there's shock and there's guest producer jerry sitting in for dave. Yeah and this is short stuff giddy up no time to explain any of the jerry day thing no not at all because we're on a airplane and there's a jerk and first class gamer and on a cellphone. Oh my god because it's now okay to talk on take cell phone calls on planes. Why would you do that to me. Why would you even create that that little situation. That sketch of a horrible day. Just to drive fear into people because It's not really true. It's a while since i've flown on a plane. Exactly one year. Actually get to the day not to the day but above can say exactly then about a year and a wiki jerry fifty four weeks but yes you cannot make cell phone calls because there are a couple of bodies in the united states that make sure you can't the faa in the fcc. Ow i thought you were going to say rob lowe and tom celik just a couple of bodies. Yeah her route low So yeah there's actually two federal agencies that ban the use of cell phones because everybody hates it so much that everyone wanted to get an on banning it. faa says. Well the reason we abandoned is because we're pretty sure that that could conceivably interfere with the planes instrumentation And you don't wanna do that because you could make a plane drop out of the sky. Probably and the sec says yeah yeah plus also it will totally mess with calls on the ground because those ones up in the air. We'll be jumping from tower tower. It'll just be a big problem. Yes i think pre two thousand and thirteen wasn't didn't you even have to power down your cell phone. Yes they were like. Just don't just take your cell phone and throw it out the window like mitt. romney says. Roll down your your airplanes window and just throw it out. Mid-flight we don't even want him on. They were basically like just. Do not do anything with your cell phone and finally somebody told them about. Airplane mode appropriately called airplane mode because it cuts off the cellular service on your phone but it remained. It keeps like the wi fi intact. If you're if you have it turned on right and ever since then you could at least go through in and spend a couple of hours deleting pictures that you don't need clogging up your storage space. That's right. I like to just like one of the things that was always great about fight as you're just disconnected for an hour or five hours or something you were just just like you could bring an actual printed book With you read it you know but with the with the advent of wifi on planes and everything it's like now it's connected and you can communicate and it's just you can do other stuff that you do under normal circumstances in its ruined everything. Yeah i will still. Unless i really legitimately have stuff. I have to get done for work. I will still not get my laptop out and get online just to surf the web. A mike i give myself that break. Yeah no it's it's good to do. It's thinking oh it's so easy to be addicted to computers and the internet and everything that i'm it's hard. It is The deal with whether or not they could really interfere with communication systems or the plane's flight systems that is probably not the case because planes are hardened meaning All of those electrons that are important on a plane like the flight control system are covered. A you know boxed in this Electrically conductive material that prevents any kind of electromagnetic interference. So they've kind of taking care of that for the most part but they still err on the side of caution and are like but let's just not do it still. Yeah they do know that. Electromagnetic interference can affect planes things like lightning and solar flares have affected instrumentation on planes and especially with gps which is critical in Take off but especially landing Y- it's it's. It's really sensitive to electromagnetic radiation interference. So you don't want anything messing with that least of all somebody who just has to to talk on the phone I think it's the worst reason to allow right. So they know that it can happen but they couldn't find in this one study in the two thousand audits Any any smoking gun. That said yes. This plane fell out of the sky. Because somebody was talking on a cell phone it was just they knew it was conceivably possible even though they they shielded or hardened the stuff to prevent that that they still said it's just not worth it. Everybody hates people talking on cell phones. Anyway so why would we make an exception when it could also conceivably messed with the planes instrumentation agreed Should we take a break. Yes all right. We'll take a break and finish up with.

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