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FM fifteen eighteen there's a ten minutes away on them for ten north by between Rigsby and it been single men and a three minute delay on for ten at north bound between collaborate in band era I mean is Garcia Phanes radio two hundred W. away I this report is sponsored by will fix it got a plumbing problem will fix it saves the day and saves you money right now get fifty dollars off any plumbing service call today high around eighty degrees tomorrow's high about twenty degrees lower overnight low fifty by tomorrow only around sixteen and thanksgiving day cloudy skies upper sixties so not too bad temperature wise but a fifty fifty chance of rain we're joined now by San Antonio first news correspondent Michael Bauer Michael you weren't with his here yesterday when our news director Jim foresight talked about that this could turn out to be the biggest travel week in United States history and we just talk about the weather in San Antonio eighty today sixty tomorrow but if it does turn out to be such a big travel week it's going to be a whole lot worse for about a million or more Americans and the temperature change here in San Antonio seem like it I mean we're looking at more than fifty five million people who are said to be traveling for thanksgiving this year that's on almost five percent increase over last year and with that you're looking at tomorrow at least from the National Weather Service perspective tomorrow afternoon is being labeled right now as the worst travel period nationally with trips taking as much as get ready for this four times longer than normal major metro areas that's because you've got winter storm Dorothy that came from the west coast is settled in over Seattle yesterday drop down a bunch of damaging hail is now hovering over Denver has brought Denver to its knees as far as the airport goes over four hundred sixty flights have been canceled another hundred plus have been delayed fourteen inches of snow at fort Collins Colorado only four and a half in Denver but they are expecting another three inches so you might end up with seven and a half inches of snow in Denver Colorado with fifteen twenty eight mile per hour winds that's dangerous that's why there's flight issues there and all of that storm is heading into the Midwest so it's going to make its way up and around towards Minneapolis and shoot off to the northeast and eventually will turn into you on the east coast portion of the storms coming up from the south and be just rain and wind for the most part but that could affect the Macy's thanksgiving day parade in New York as well and and with this all the roads being shut down Colorado's department transportation indicating that they can't keep up with the snow right now so they're just doing what they can to keep as many people off the roads as possible that makes its way east it's going to be big trouble heading into all sorts of states and travel across the country where people will be driving to make their way to loved ones and it's not just making it too Charlie this point because there's another storm coming in the west coast this is winter storm Ezekiel that when you start to look at Sunday Monday Tuesday there might be more of these blizzard like conditions that will hit the Midwest.

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