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To episode forty five of Everyday Buddhism making every day better. I hope everyone is finding places of peace or at least stability in the continuing uncertainty of our lives. And as I've been sharing in many of my most recent episodes, I've been trying to find ways to deal with many of the troubling emotions that have arisen for me during these times. Just like I'm sure you've all been doing. And as I, shared with you in the last podcast episode I started writing poetry again to help process. Some of the trauma was previously holding onto. And that I was in that was slowly. Being revealed to me by pandemic politics. You know it helps in that it brought. Many repressed emotions to the surface for me to look at into find ways to hold them tenderly so that they wouldn't rise up and strike out at others. I'm not saying. I'm there yet because I'm certainly not. I'm still struggling with all that, but at least i. now know what's really hiding underneath. The TRAUMAS and hurts haven't been completely cleared and released, but now I recognize them for what they are. But also more recently committed to a more consistent daily meditation practice. I always meditated <hes> sometimes more all. How shall I say disciplined than others <hes> sometimes <hes> using different techniques, sometimes, saying Oh, I will always do it every morning. Always whatever evening <hes> but I really started a nice focused. Focused practices for the last <hes> about twenty one days. I think twenty twenty one days and you know what they say about twenty one days in the. Creating a habit so <hes>! I've actually <hes> deepened the commitment to this meditation practice because I realized I needed to do something other than focusing on the horrible outside and inside of myself. I needed to take action to positively change the direction of my personal boat, rather than sitting in fear and horror as I watched the storms continuously roar and threaten all of us and myself. And this leads me to the focus of this short. Episode, Which is also a promotion for the next episode, and it contains a request for you. The listeners to get involved Sakib listening. So I reached out to my teacher and friend Greg Creech one of the leading authorities on Japanese psychology <hes> about a week ago to ask him to be a guest again on the podcast I felt that if there was anyone who could help, be a beacon to guide us through all these storms these continuing. Storms it would be greg. We had a nice conversation about uncertainty and about transitions. And in that conversation he said something that was like a wack across the back of my head <hes>. From a stick, by then, Roshii he I asked him what advice or practice he could offer to podcast listeners, as we weathered these storms and looked into the future with great uncertainty. He said something like. Well it's not a mass issue. It's your personal situation and attachment. He went on to say that everyone is dealing with losses, but ultimately it's an individual thing. And that really struck me because I realized that. Up until the time I actually committed to that meditation, practice and May. Yeah the meditation practice. I had been more looking at what was out there. That was so bad or what was inside me. That was so bad without <hes>. Without, taking individual responsibility for

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