Salem SVP Phil Boyce: Salem Produced '2000 Mules' Because Hollywood Wouldn't


We should acknowledge the 800 pound elephant in the room here. The reason we're the exact we've executive produced it and we're putting it on the platform that we have is because movie theaters by and large, Hollywood, the beast as I call it the machine, the mainstream media, they don't want to touch this thing with a ten foot pole. They don't want the American public to know what they did. And they never thought the American public would know what they did. They never thought anybody would produce a documentary exposing what they did. So yes, we have to see the movie. We have to here's the thing. We're not going to go Biden out of office. I don't think ever. The voters might be able to do that. But we do want to make sure that the next election is not capable of seeing this kind of fraud. So it was a couple of months ago that Chuck Schumer passed a bill in the Senate or tried to pass a bill in the Senate to turn the elections over to the feds. Why? So they could control them and they could pull this stunt again. Fortunately, it voted down 52 to 48 because Manchin and sinema voted with the Republicans. But that's how close it was to letting them do it again. We can not let them do it again because if we do, there'll be no Republican ever elected again.

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