Gov. Larry Hogan: The Divide in the Republican Party


Here's what Larry Hogan said in part cut 14 at the Reagan library Go The divide in our party today Really is an ideological it's more of a difference between those who know how to win And those who only pretend that they want You know enough of the angry rhetoric and the grievance politics All right so this is his view He does not see what you see In the classrooms of America On our southern border in the economy the war on the Supreme Court the war on separation of powers The war on the vote the war on the filibuster rule Larry Hogan doesn't see any of that That's just grievance politics From people who don't know how to win And yet Donald Trump did win the presidency And yet in this coming election we'll see who wins and who loses No thanks to Larry Hogan Larry Hogan didn't bring a whole bunch of Republicans in behind him when he won the governorship twice Larry Hogan became a Democrat running under the Republican banner That's how it works In states like Maryland And Massachusetts and Illinois and other states

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