Does Charlie Fear Nuclear War?


Do you fear nuclear war? Do you really fear Putin would dare launch nuclear missile? He knows that it would be a total destruction of mother Russia. He's aggressive power hungry, but he's not crazy. So what do I fear? I fear how incompetent corrupt and unable are leaders are to do very basic things. And so yes, I'm terrified of putting our current leaders in these situations. I do not trust them at all. And I know you don't either. And that seems to be the point of agreement. As I've been emailing back and forth to the hundreds of listeners that say Charlie, we should get involved, we should help. I say, do you trust our leaders? No, I don't. Then why do you want to get involved? You might want to, but then getting involved itself is a completely different question of the competency of the people in charge. So do I fear things getting out of control? Yeah, I do. Of course I do. With the current leadership class of Mark million Lloyd Austin and Jake Sullivan. Kamala Harris, you trust Kamala Harris? To solve this? You can trust Kamala Harris to go into. Does that really is the position of the Republican Party right now? The position of the Republican Party is that we want to stand with Ukraine. Therefore, we're going to go give a bunch of money. So Mark milley, Lloyd Austin, Jake Sullivan, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden can be in charge.

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