Fighting the 'My Body, My Choice' Argument With Seth Gruber


Let's talk environment. But people say, this is more of a women's sovereignty argument, right? Right. Which is, I'm a woman. You don't have to tell me what to do. I get to make all my own choices. And how dare you come into my uterus, my body, and I'm the most important thing in the world. Yeah. My body, my choice. So Democrats, Charlie once said that blacks were the property of plantation owners whose land they lived on, and now they say that babies are the property of their mothers whose bodies they live in. But as Frank beckwith, the philosopher says, where one is, has no bearing on who one is. Your value does not change based off of where you find yourself. We'll have people watching this conversation from all around the world. They're not less valuable because they're not in Arizona. Our value does not come from our location. But thanks to American abortion law, Charlie, you can murder a baby through all 9 months of pregnancy for any reason or no reason at all. Why? Because it's in that location because it's in the mother's body. So what happens during the 6 inch journey called birth? Well, I guess the fetus ferry floats up and sprinkles magical personhood conferring fairy dust on the child. And when that last toe leaves the vaginal canal. Oh my gosh, it's a person now, Charlie. This is ridiculous, right? But that is the conclusion of the premises of the pro choice position because you and I don't usually meet pro choicers who defend infanticide. Now, Peter singer does, and I guess every senator except Joe Manchin and the Democrat party actually does because they vetoed The Bourne abortion survivors protection act that Ben sasse sponsored right after Ralph northam said. That's right. If a baby was born alive, we'd make him comfortable, resuscitate them if that's what the mother and then we'd let them talk about what to do with the baby. That's right. And they vetoed an anti infanticide Bill dozens of times. So they actually are foreign fantasize, but most Americans who identify as pro choice are not.

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