Biden Opts to Drain Oil Reserves


Yeah, yeah, and now Steven, I do want to get to the energy issue because Biden is Biden is blaming everyone but himself. I mean, one third of the strategic oil reserve is going to be essentially released. It's been Trump filled that bad boy up, if you will. And now in this guy, a million barrels a day when we could drill here on federal lands if he would open it up. But it's Putin's fault. Well, well, put, you know, instead of taking out of the oil reserve, which is for national emergency, hey, why don't we drill for it? In Texas and Alaska, North Dakota West Virginia and even in California for goodness sakes. I mean, why don't we we were producing a million more barrels a day under Trump and I believe I really believe this, Carl, if Trump were president today, we'd be producing 15 million barrels a day, not 10 million barrels a day. Think about what that would mean to our economy, for jobs, for, you know, and what's really obscene about this and I use that word advisory, you know, we're now importing oil from Russia and helping fund their war machine.

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