Amber Athey Reveals Why WMAL Unjustly Fired Her


What happened You haven't been on the air for a while at WAL What's going on That's right So about a month ago now almost exactly to the day I was fired from wma L and the reason why is there was this incredibly dishonest bad faith left wing from your campaign I mean they're always dishonest But this one especially though Right You don't have to say that twice Dishonest left wing sphere right They speak for themselves but go ahead They're all synonyms But I sent out this tweet during the State of the Union making fun of Kamala Harris outfit And everybody made fun of her outfit You know the horrible Brown thing that she was wearing she blended into the chair I made a joke about how she looked like a UPS employee and of course the old UPS slogan is what can Brown do for you My answer to that was absolutely nothing Just poking fun at the fact that Kamala is a completely ineffective public policy maker That was then painted as racist And that was done by people who were actually upset interestingly enough because we just talked about this over me being against gender transitions for children They sent a bunch of emails to WAL to cumulus corporate and I was terminated effective immediately I was not given the opportunity to defend myself or explain the tweet to them because apparently they didn't get it And they took the cowardly way out They got a couple of emails and instead of trying to look into the situation protect their talent protect the fact that they have been a market for conservative ideas and values And instead they just decided to get rid of me and no matter how much we've tried to protest tried to appeal the decision They have refused to budge So it was time for me I thought to go public and tell people what really happened why has it been on the air And also I think direct some righteous anger at cumulative and WMA L for refusing to do the right thing

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