How Much Infuence Does Trump Have Left?


So Chris Christie was on ABC yesterday. He said, Trump's influence is weighing. He pointed out the incumbent governors. He's against we're going to win. Like that wine is going to win handily. It doesn't matter. And the RGA led by Doug ducey who's no friend of Trump is out there funding a bunch of people. But Ted Budd is going to win in North Carolina and Christie got that wrong. Chris is just wrong about that. Ted Budd has got quite the significant advance over Rory. So I don't think you can say Trump's influence is waning. It's just sometimes he spends it badly. I will take a middle ground there and say that his influence is waning and he sometimes spends it better. I think that I think that if you look at a state like Georgia, it seems as if it seems as if the incumbent governor is going to win. Brian Kemp seems to be doing pretty well. I mean, listen, I actually, we don't spend a ton of time on Trump and punchbowl news, which is not our not our area of expertise, but if you look at a low books in Alabama is falling behind, Trump pads his endorsement record by endorsing candidates that either are definitely going to win or do not even have a primary opponent. He did that in Texas. Many of the people he endorsed were going to win either way. So I think that I agree with you that some of these candidates are falling flat.

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