Average US gas price rises 22% in two weeks to record $4.43


The average price for a gallon of regular grade gasoline nationwide has shot up to a record high I'm Ben Thomas with a closer look the new average prices for forty three that's a twenty two percent increase over the past two weeks a whopping seventy nine cents the fuel price analyst trilby Lundberg says diesel is up even more the dollar eighteen per gallon and that diesel hike will further feed inflation the diesel fuel impact on consumers are so extreme the publisher of the Lundberg survey notes oil prices were already going up but Russia's invasion of Ukraine in the sanctions that's prompted especially with the combination of the banned by the US on imports from Russia are driving this price surge because Russia is the second biggest exporter of oil after Saudi Arabia and it follows a sustained period of curtailed global output or some OPEC members unable to keep up with production targets and the decline in US production Mr whether gas prices pause a little ago yet higher Lundberg says the only unlikely thing is for them to grow up right now I'm Ben Thomas

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