What Biden Can Learn From Mitch McConnell


Micah Manuel sitting in for Brett Bret had interviewed leader McConnell on the hill and did not get back to the studio. We were in studio. That's the first time I've done a studio panel in more than two years. We've been doing boxes last time I did a studio panel, was it meet the press panel in 2020. And so we're back in the studio and it's great. It's fun. I saw Juan Williams Ben Dominic in the green room. We had a great chat with Mike Emmanuel, and we got on. And I was first I wanted to reflect on the interview, Mike tosses it to me that Brett Barrett conducted with leader McConnell, cut number two. Republicans voting yay Collins Murkowski and Romney Hugh your thoughts on where we stand heading into the Easter recess, excuse me. Well, I think they got a lot of problems left to resolve. I found the interview that Brett did with the leader very, very revealing. The leader is 9 months older than the president. He was born on February 20th, 9 months before President Biden. And leader McConnell is in complete control of that interview. Brett asked tough questions. They were obviously not rehearsed. He didn't know it was coming. He hit it out of the park every time he explained why he voted against judge Jackson and her justice confirmation hearings are different from those that assaulted Kavanaugh. And I just sat there thinking to myself, I think the president could learn from the leader that he ought to sit down with people like Brett and have conversations like that to demonstrate that he's not infirm and that he's in control because the leader wasn't control. He got his message out, even in the face of tough sustained questions.

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