Totalitarianism: How Do You Make a Lie Seem Like a Truth?


How do you make a lie seem like the truth? What is necessary for a totalitarian regime to exist? Well, when you study totalitarianism, it's very clear that it's not just tanks in the streets or mass surveillance, but instead it's the totalitarian control of the mind. There were 5 authors in the late 1940s and 1950s that were pioneers on the topic of totalitarianism. C. S. Lewis, of course, with the screwtape letters and lesser known for this category, but better known in general mere Christianity, which actually started as radio broadcast during the blitz of London. Aldous Huxley, who wrote Brave New World, probably one of the most important books that anyone can read to understand the sexual anarchy that we are living through today. And why due to totalitarians and dictators need to decay sexual norms to be able to have monopolistic control over a civilization. George Orwell would be the third, of course, 1984, animal farm. We talk, we talk often here about 1984 about how one of my favorite lines from 1984 is when Orwell says the best way to keep a secret from the government is you must first keep the secret from yourself. The fourth is a lesser known author that we really should talk more about Arthur koestler, who wrote a book called darkness at noon, all about the Soviet show trials and how people who are completely innocent were killed in a public display. And the 5th author, of course, was Winston Churchill, author of over 50 books and talked a lot about totalitarianism. Churchill, in particular, was very worried about how technology unrestrained from human virtue. Could not just result in tyranny, but would automatically result in tyranny. Churchill argued that technology was more than a tool. He witnessed this in the Darvish region where he saw very courageous people going into the battlefield and just being mowed down by machine guns and he realized that war has changed and technology can bring out the worst in people.

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