We've Never Witnessed a Supreme Court Leak Like This Before


Kevin, we were just talking about the Supreme Court. And I just want to say, I never dreamt in my lifetime. I would see anything like this. I mean, the leak in the Supreme Court like this. Now, is this level of brazen illegal activity on the part of the left, which kind of proves that they don't trust the system. They don't value the system. They don't believe in their own ideas. They have to use force. They have to intimidate justices. I really think that this is, it is so ugly. And so amazing. But I think I hope Americans are waking up that if you do not fight this folks, you are to blame. We need to fight this. This is, you know, you would fight if Chinese troops came here or maybe you wouldn't. But if you wouldn't, then, you know, you don't deserve to live in a great country like this. This is Marxism. It's the end of law. It's the end of America. And it's on many, many levels. So Kevin, thanks for giving us some details. Well, I do hope this comes out that the ruling comes out soon.

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