Terror Attack Kills 3 in Israel


The biggest story of the morning, the one that actually impacts most Americans has to do with the stock markets and investments. But I want to start by recognizing the sorrow and throughout Israel after terrorist attack leaves three young fathers dead leaving behind 16 children. The terrorists suspects are 19 and 20 year old Palestinians. And there's a statewide manhunt underway and you can read about it at times of Israel, but I want to focus on those 16 children. I've always thought that a young father's favorite holiday is the 4th of July and the United States because there's like nothing involved except grilling and driving to where the fireworks are, right? So Israel's 4th of July was yesterday. And at the close of it, these young dads, no doubt, accompanied by their families, were all attacked by axe wielding a knife wielding. Allegedly had gone, but they're not gunshot that are just below victims young dads. All of the three dead ones struggling for their life 16 children. And how do you get that much hate into a 19 and a 20 year old? I just don't know, but prayers for everyone in Israel and especially the families of these three victims. Have a cook, boaz goal, an Oren bin yifter.

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