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Gonna i'm i. I'm not going to become a serial real estate developer. And i'd like to own this for a long time And i'd like to continue to see develop over the next twenty years But it's not a model that i'm personally going to replicate And you know. I'm almost an empty nester. Got two more years of that so probably something more low key or we're going hold you to that we're gonna see in ten years. They keep calling me back. Yeah i i actually see redbird as A model as i mentioned earlier for other malls Across the us. And so you know. I'm beginning to explore other communities that her experience similar challenges that we discovered here. Redbird how we can come in add value. There's other areas of southern dallas. I like to develop in as well. So i'm excited to see what the future holds. We'll look it's critically important and it for anybody who's who's listening go go down to redbird mall go. Cd's entrepreneurial shops the it's it's a really great day trip It's a it's a fun place to be. It's a neat place to check out into to understand that your city isn't exactly what you might Think it is if you never get down to a place. That's that's that's both beautiful and changing and growing in in positive ways. Hey thanks a lot guys for being with us. We really appreciate it. Thanks dr thank you. Thank you guys. You know southern southern growth and opportunity his would leads us to maybe our full potential right rudy amen to our audience. Thank you for listening to the deep side of dallas feel free to email us at deep side at dallas news dot com with questions comments and ideas for rudy bush. Paul corless. we'll talk to you soon. Side of dallas is presented by the dallas morning news in the university of north texas system. Our show is produced by aidan..

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