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War or it will you just not a whole lot of probably run probably run through in walk the plank base did they really make people walk the plank well i mean it's one of these things that we know from hollywood um you know errol flynn and people like that you the hollywood is great to show them walking the plank or even down to disney's you know peter pan you see it with captain hook i would imagine that a vessel would have a plank because you would use it to board another vessel so i mean it would be very easy but also if you're just leaving the vessel without a ship to go to that would be the option place to have them walk at either gunpoint or a sword point to walk off the vessel of course there's no photographs or any paintings of such things so we only assume actually there's an artist conception the walking of the thank by howard pile and harper's magazine in 1887 uh and you know that's backfiring of so somebody might actually have an accurate idea and they used a bind them i understand and for the it says here the the entertainment of the people who are doing the forcing of the walking up and for the psychological in ah just really an awful thought to be bound and kind of had to hobble off plank into the water oh those are tough times definitely that might be something to consider for modern punishment we will at see we have on you mentioned a tumour to thomas veal yet thomas veal is one if you have i any listeners of by lin massachusetts and they've heard of dungeon rock they may have heard of stories of piracy walk thomas veal was one of four pirates who are seeking revenge in the lynn woods back in the early eighteen century and has the story goes uh veal took his treasure in buried in dungeon rock which apparently has been searched for for well.

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