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Oh jeez you will listening. In your opinion who is the second best point guard period. Now it's always been great debate. Of course you come to detroit. It's going to be isaiah. Thomas magic number one. Who in your book is number two of all time here trade. Because i'm thinking of and we were having this discussion of course in the barbershop. Sure think about thomas. Today's game. I mean the man. Play the entire game on one lake and sports the lakers. That was probably one of the greatest performances by athlete period. That i can think of. In my opinion the man was. He couldn't play the next game after the game. His leg was is huge is it could be but he did what he had to like us. Unfortunately we lost that series. But you know that that's my vote for them and how about people have always wanted. Who was number two d howard. How 'bout stockton. What about john stockton. What about i guess the reason why would pick isaiah overstocking because isaiah could go off. I can never imagine. John stockton putting on performances. They did against bernard king in call. I remember that. I remember that he'll be brown was the Was the coach and it was that was that was was. i think. Trump ymca went on that to monir. That's right thanks for the call. Jeff i appreciate that are what would you say i think i think i would go steph curry man. I agree with jeff. Magic's one i would go you view curry as a facilitator. Because that's what he's pointing out is that you're pointing out. You've gotta go off and you've got to facilitate you've got a quarterback facilitates the ball going in. I understand that. that's what i'm talking about. Point guard when i think point guard. I don't think scorer. I think facilitator. I think he can do everything. What about you. Tj a community. Your pat beverley. You're trying to work your way too strong. So i had a list of my top point guards for for a while now and it goes magic is area you know i never saw ska robertson play but from everything that i've read everything i've seen he. He's definitely you know top two or three of all time. And then i have stocked in then i kind of agree with you on a step thing because kind of feel like steph is more of a to even though he plays once so he's kinda hard but i guess if he is listed as a point guard you have to put having there and then i also have jason kidd and steve nash. Sure what about chris. Paul harbaugh jet the championship. Paul now go on this list. I think he jumps into my three way. Tie for fifth place. This guy appropriately ties. But it's hard for me to different. Stand gnashing kid and gary payton like you know nashes the mvp's and kid one a chip and better out of those steph. Curry is above those guys steph. Curry has the mvp any has the championships steph of chris. Paul is two wins away from having his state farm commercials last in terms of relevancy in a playoff said longest. It's ever last night. He's the king of like. Oh yeah he was out two rounds ago right and there's a new with all those commercials everywhere he's about a he's about to hit him and bring s they had one and now there's a new one where they turn into car. Buddha haven't seen that he goes like glad she's getting this national one last thing to to bring up and then we'll we'll move to our new segment That karl malone showed up the other day in a in a jersey. Did you see that. Uh oh yeah. Was he wearing a jersey. The game like a fan. Like he wants to jordan clarkson. He was wearing wearing jersey. Like that's that's a choice man well and she's made a lot of interesting but i just would you ever wear jersey to a game absolutely not. Would you ever wear jersey with no shirt on underneath to a game like you're playing. I'm way to harry for that. I i'm like the kid like early. Two thousands i was thinking of. You're the king of mitchell and ness. Oh yeah. I had probably the between basketball baseball. Football will overlake. But now you're a grown man. You're grown asmat grown man so yeah i was. I was always. I was always into the sneaker in new jersey things so for me personally. Yeah you know what he's all. The time i think cara henderson was the first one. This rule that you can't wear jersey to a game of a player who's younger than you are. In real life gets broken every day. Last time i wore jersey to a game was the nineteen ninety seven i believe. Afc championship game or ninety eight. Whichever one that was. I don't know what year county or nfl year was when the jets were in In in denver. What's the last thing that s championship game that led to March lengths middle finger ring In that over the jets I wore my Wesley walker gamer to the game with my name still stitched in the back of it from camp condo and trails and camps that they knew which bunked return to it fit and i was already on sportscenter two years by the time i went there three rows in the top of the stadium last time award jersey to a game as a fan now which i was so big into jerseys back in the days when we would go out either party wants friends through me and i didn't know this going in But when i got to gisha house where everybody was. Everybody had a jersey on for me like the entire party. People who never worn. Jerseys had people were like i just went to the store and bought this. Nobody told me about ashton did ask everyone ever was jersey at the time i want to say was it. What was it i'd have to. I'd have to have the picture. I'd have to look at every pitch jersey everything if you look at my facebook there the entire but what is this. This is probably two thousand. This part two thousand three wow four. That was the height. Though of every rap video everyone was wearing jury big. I was getting him on the arm as they say. Hey now you know so of getting football basketball baseball fo- free ninety nine so it was it. Was he wearing a. Rex grossman game. I'll i'll find the pitcher and enough stewart ex house. The cagey dicta wrong. Bears years of two thousand three. You might have had a cat bozo jersey. That's only that's the only way you can refer to dictator on is cagey as you know we we. We always like here on the show. We beating me That was a royal we reference mentioning my three favorite coaching cliches in the nfl. It is what it is You can control only you can control only what you can control.

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