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American dream is becoming more stretchers and Democrats are leaving people behind when you take a look at the worst unemployment rate in the state of Michigan over 33% in Ah inside poverty rate in Wayne County. 33%. But the unemployment rate in in Sheboygan County is in the thirty's as well, I poverty doesn't know race. Hunger doesn't know race. On and I'm looking forward to represent all part of the state. Not just the parts they get attention. I'm looking forward to representing all people, whether or not you agree with me. I'm not sure he listens about ever Read this book. Haven't they definitely should. But JD Vance Ah wrote Hillbilly elegy. I believe that Netflix is coming out with a rendition. I think with the With Amy. I figured the name Ah, Stella actors close on DVD. I did a great job, and I think that it opens people's eyes that hunger hits the same poverty hits the same career. Politicians failing the mental health system and with opioid hits people the same regardless of where you're from, But we need to have representation who understands how to meet people where they are. Who are going to put politics is a barrier for for addressing the needs of human beings. And and I think that where I was raised, kind of informs enforced me. Is that right? Ah, having that opportunity is a great chance to rot to represent folks in to help where they are. We're gonna have to go. But school choice support or no, I got the board of one of the big instant is wonderful. And so yes, I support school choice. I believe that we get parents choice. You get Children a chance. But I also believe that we need to make public school, successful private schools, Cecil home school and charter schools because I think that ah quality education, basic civil rights and anyone who stands in the way of a quality education. Part shoulder is a civil rights violator and must be dealt with. All right. It's John James for senate dot com. You can see how powerful he would be in the United States Senate America all over the country. As you know, we need to hold the Senate. And so we're going to lose some seats. We need to pick up some seats. John James would be a fantastic senator John James for senate dot com. All of our friends listening in Michigan, You have a wonderful opportunities and a terrific man to the United States Senate. We wish you all the best, sir. Yes, sir. Thanks for having me on. Bless you and God bless you, too. What am I doing, Mr Producer? Oh, yes, of course. Ladies and gentlemen, the first to hear about Zo Teke, the new deep correcting sand from my friends at shaman. Here's George from Shaman, a great CEO and founder of this wonderful American company says the challenge Wass. Get all the benefits of Alfa hydroxy acids with no.

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