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With regard to those changes California's former governor Jerry Brown signed two bills into law three years ago the create a mandatory prison sentence for the assault of an unconscious or intoxicated person because of your case or the rather specific changes there maybe like one chain to the top of your list that you would also like to see made for dealing with cases of sexual violence yeah I would love for us to find rape crisis centers you know I was assaulted on Stanford campus I was taken a half hour south to San Jose because that was the nearest hospital where I could get a rape kit done you know even having access to these centers in order to collect evidence in the first place is extremely valuable and vital I'm sorry she know you you were raped at Stanford which is a university that has a gigantic medical school and multiple hospitals that it is expanding and they had to drive you down to Santa Clara county to get yet to San Jose to get a rape kit correct how the hell hi Stanford medical yeah was gigantic and they don't have rickets on campus yeah I mean I woke up extremely confused I thought I was at Stanford hospital so you know if you think about something as simple as transportation how do you get to the hospital if you're assaulted on Stamford campus do you call an uber you're not allowed to change out of your clothes you know you're not allowed to shower if you wanna could collect evidence properly so who's gonna take you do you ask your one friend on campus who has a car now these are very simple things that we don't even think about when we ask a victim to report a few more quick questions I'd like to ask you in the time we have left let me get to a question from Amy who emailed my daughter was raped in her first week of college and is struggling to come to grips with the trauma it was in many aspects very similar to your experience it happened over three years ago and we are at a loss as to how to help her she refuses to go to counseling and is floundering in a self medicating loop of marijuana and alcohol any suggestions would be most helpful Chanel yeah I would say just be patient I think I was going through a lot to that I could not process I feel like I was on an expedited time line because I was going through court you know the only reason I finally sought out there be is because I had to testify for the preliminary hearing I showed up three weeks before I was called to testify I found a therapist and said you need to get me ready you know I treated her almost like a personal trainer but I was really forced to process I would say you know the first thing you need to establish for victim is agency she's had her agency stripped away from her so instead of saying you need to do this or this you can lay out options for how to move forward or what to do alternately it is her who has to choose those options because that choice is what she needs finally I wonder if you are hopeful for the future I know that the ME two movements resurgence has really changed the conversation on sexual assault and involved in many women to tell their stories just as you have the nation had a very intense conversation about sexual assault allegations after Christine Bossi for testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about now Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh how hopeful are you that things are changing with that testimony with more women sharing their stories are we moving in the right direction I do think we're moving in the right direction and I do constantly feel hopeful you know watching all these women come forward before me propelled me to come forward they were the ones who showed me that I do have a space in this world a right to take up space and to be loud and that encouraged me to become visible I hope that my becoming visible will help others out there you know I know that none of us are going anywhere you know we're going to keep fighting I know that in my bones and I am.

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