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As the brothers had been charged with any crime and there was no conclusive proof that they were involved. In Natalie's disappearance best's comments spurred backlash against her family a rubens accused of disrespecting local lows while seditious loyal cold her remarks prejudicial inflammatory libelous and totally outrageous and threatened to take legal action on behalf of his client while local support had been strong in the early stages of Natalie's disappearance things. Were starting to turn on Tuesday. July five of the two hundred locals gathered outside the courthouse in support of the ARUBAN judiciary system with some holding signs saying innocent until proven guilty and respect our laws or go home an angry businessman. Lyda told a journalist for Vanity Fair magazine. This is just a concerted attack on Aruba a terrorist attack why blame the Holland a whole country for something that is out of control? Beth twitty attacks our justice system. What About Yours Jon? Benet was that ever solved Maku Jackson. He gets off Jay. That's American justice entered. The woman is criticizing US three days. Light Up Beth released a statement apologizing for her comments saying would like to apologize to the Aruban people. And today Ruben authorities if I will. My family offended you in any way. I realized that the Aruban Legal System Buds by the presumption of innocence. And I'll want to reassure everyone that I do respect the Aruban legal system in mid-july o'clock ranger searching on the Northeast Coast. A robot came across the pace of duct tape with several blunt hairs attached. The type was sent to the Netherlands forensic testing but it was determined. The didn't belong to Natalie then on Monday. July pain DAV is found a barrel in the ocean near the Marriott. Hotel speculation arose that it could contain Natalie's body but it turned out to be full of concrete. A homeless man came forward claiming head Bain at the dump three days off that not only went missing and had witnessed someone berry an object that looked like a human body. He was able to describe the exact location. The item had been buried beneath. Several weeks had passed by the time he made. He's report a significant amount of garbage had been piled on the alleged sought police offices cadaver dogs. Fbi agents and volunteers search team combed as landfill using backhoes and machinery. The cadaver dogs reacted to several specific areas but they hit the identified medical waste after a week of searching in unpleasant conditions. The search was called off with no trace of Natalie. Found a fisherman also came forward to report that on the nod of Natalie's disappearance the fishermen hot said vein robbed and to North and a lobster cage had been stolen. He didn't think to report the theft at the time but now wanted whether it could be linked to the Holloway investigation as the cage was large enough to feed a human body. According to Dave Holloway's book hey received an anonymous email. Claiming that Natalie's body had been putting the cage and dumped two miles offshore. Investigators ultimately ruled out delayed as other witness. Statements had filed to place Natalie or Yoron on the beach need the fishermen huts in the first place on Friday. July twenty two a handyman and to garden on ninety colossal Pinata came forward to police to provide a statement in the early hours of Monday may thirty. Khow loss was unable to sleep as it was hot. And he's apartment didn't have air conditioning. He decided to drop to his buses house where it was cooler and sometime between two thirty and three. Im He took a shortcut. The dirt road neither Mariot Hotel and came across a Gray Honda. Civic with a lodge Paul of the knee boy his head. Lots lit up the car and he sold the faces of your on. Vanda slowed and daypack Calfo in the front. Say and Sitatunga Alpo in the back. Carlos refused to saw he statement saying he wanted nothing more to do with the case and then left Aruba to go one assailing holiday upon his return to the ORLANDI newly August Carlos. Pineda spoke to the police again explaining that he hadn't come forward sooner with these information as he was nervous. He was aware of the two innocent security guards who had been taken into custody in relation to the investigation and was hesitant to draw any attention to himself. He's employer had also advised him to white before speaking with authorities due to the amount of media attention. The case was getting when it initially broke nice. Don't call losses assertions a large scale search of the area surrounding the Marriott. Hotel was carried out. Infrared technology detected a hate source in a pond near the ocean but it turned out to be a day composing shellfish on Monday August. I Beth twitty confronted Deepak Alpo in the Internet cafe where he worked. She was accompanied by a film crew from American Cable Channel. Msnbc she stood either him. Silently is several minutes before asking him a string of questions including whether he was involved in Natalie's disappearance or if he had tried to help her Beth offered him a choice between the reward. Money Wolof in prison. Daypack responded that he's lawyers had advised him to remain saw. One police suspected that Europeans best friend and to naboth Freddie's. Dan knew more than he was letting on. It had been brought to their attention that Freddie had allegedly taken explicit photographs of an underage teenager which he had done posted to his website where he referred to himself as the LOCI men pinned on Friday August. Twenty six police arrested Freddie on suspicion of committing a sex offense in the hopes it would compel him to reveal more information about what happened to Natalie. Freddie denied knowing any further details and his lawyer argued the images on his website when nothing more than a teenager wearing a bikini. Freddie's charges were dropped and he was released the same day. Olso on August twenty six. The police took a risk by ray arresting Deepak Kalpa urine had claimed that Natalie had pasta several Tom's while he was touching her an act that could be considered sex without consent. The police tried to scare the cow pie brothers into talking by threatening that they could be considered accessories to this car on but the issue of being in the same car but neither of them revealed any new information and afraid to go on Sunday. September three a magistrate determined. There wasn't enough evidence to hold your on Van de slide for that thirty days. And he was released two days later he left Aruba and relocated to. He's Titanic Yvonne. Him in the Netherlands where he moved in with a relative and enrolled in college to Study International Business Management. He's gambling habit increased and to support his addiction. He accepted payment from various media outlets to speak about the Holloway case when reflecting on his involvement to Dutch television news program AT Kearney Affairs. Urine stated our should've just steinheim and this wouldn't have happened to me. Just try to look at it. That was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe even with the wrong people and just hope that the truth comes out that that comes some clarity.

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