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The day. You had barely begun at London Bridge Station when the delay announcement started pretty miserable returned to work for train. Commuters only only made worse by this morning's average fare rise of two point seven percent. That's justified hike. According to Robert Nisbet from the rail delivery group which represents train in companies where an industry like any other that's facing rising costs the staff bill for example but said he'll costs as well what we want to do is we want want to cover the day to day running cost of the railway to free up billions of pounds of investment for the public and private sector. But this is an average figure. It's still just below the rate of inflation flation and that's for the third year running but for some passengers using South Western railways. The increased prices were compounded by cancellations. The aftershock of a twenty seven day strike by the RMT union. An editorial column can't quite believe it. The reason for the latest cancellations nations is the gods who inflicted the strike have been off-duty for so long. They need to be retrained to ensure that they are properly refreshed in terms of all necessary. Surrey safety activities. The same applies to some drivers. The situation would be farcical if it were not so serious it is yet. Another reminder of the damage caused by the unions militancy regarding its misguided grievance over the role of train gods it is worth pointing out again. An experience on other lines has shown that drive only trains are safe the fact that the disruption now has to continue even longer perhaps more legitimate safety safety reasons is a bitter irony that will be of little consolation to passengers implementation of the government plan. John Fashanu Union legislation banning future rail strikes unless the union concerned has reached a minimum service agreement with the relevant rail. Company cannot come seen enough city hall editor Raw. Slider we've been talking about the fare rises for a few months now now. They've hit and nobody's happy. Are They not happy for commuters coming into London today at the regretted certainly with a seeing the season tickets going up by I. Two point seven percent two point eight percent and also those own southwestern railways the trains that come into Waterloo had the added misery of having lots of the trains not running. And this is a this culmination of what's been a very long running saiga queer the RMT guards have gone straight. Take the the actually. The strike ended last night actually at midnight. It Run for twenty seven days making it the longest streak in Yuki real history. But I'm afraid. The fakes continued. TEND TO S- morning and hundreds of trains were cancelled again because bizarrely some of these girls had been off so long on strike that they were then judged to require l. safety training to make sure they were fit to print the trains again. That cannot have gone down well with commuters Gannett. You can imagine how few days would be as as we see to the. Ns this double whammy really if you if you. You wouldn't be happy to be going back to work today on a sort of chilly January for stay back in the office. I you're paying more for your travel and then you're standing on the platform waiting for the train to come in. It doesn't come and you just think it just couldn't get any more ludicrous. Really for people no fun at toll. So do we know when things will get back to normal. Well even Woz news is that there could be more strikes on the way the RMT has not given upon this the row center in what's called driver only operation which essentially means that the drivers open and shut the doors the MTA says this is not safe which is disputed rated by the train operator on the RMT's arguing to have conductor or a guard on all trains as is the case on some lanes. Just no those no say that Stroz going to go away and anytime soon and more stake. These could be announced in the next few weeks. There is some good news on transport unspoilt in London. The mayor of London has announced a new companion packs which means for those disabled under this. Those older Londoners who need a companion to get around the city. We'll have a free companion pass and often an a companion for a disabled landed. A as as bad as having a lift having step free access and this is another example of the difference we will make should. I be returned. The Math London will city has kicked off the New Year. By essentially going into reelection moods the middle elections are coming coming up on the seventh of me and CDC as part of his sort of I sort of a Rybeck intone. He saying that he's come up with this. Hi Dear we are if you are. A Disabled Londoner underrated qualify for disabled persons freedom. Pass which essentially give you free travel across chips and buses in the capital but need help to go around if you have a family member a relative or friend who is your cater Sadique site here is that should he be reelected. Come me he will then ensure that that person the killer gets a free pass as well. But the mayor's record in improving access to tis stations isn't quite promised as it. That's right you could see. It's probably a second-class Service so far from city he has upgraded taints shoop Stations to make them stay free since he was elected. Me Twenty Sixteen. His initial promise was that more than one hundred would have converted to being state deep-freeze essentially helping lifts or ramps to make sure you can get from outside the station to onto the train Byron Means Essentially using lifts and so on the hill of others. That has not happened so there is a sense that yes this is a good idea to have the companion pass but he has actually not been delivering quite as much as he promised I initially when he was when he was first elected. Are we now at the point where we're going to be hearing a lot about relations. I think we may be. I guess the combination nation of bricks being slightly closer to being done the new government in place on the be a gradual speeding up towards me. I think I I think it will be gentle. I wouldn't expect much until props six weeks I really Under me actually. Be overtaken in the public interest by Costa Twenty the football championships as well. That makes catch ribot more which comes up slightly later but I think I would expect to be more policy announcements akin to this but city. He's very keen to essentially get from the front fit this morning. Next if you want good good music you need somewhere to be an attempt Montizo optically bothered before you go on supply. Wimbley Arts correspondent Robert Tanks. And the return of Madame Joe's.

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