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I feel like including when he so when he lego at twenty, four, thousand, nine, hundred feet as he's like. The Guy Goes. Over the radio because he because he's like, no, you're close enough like you WanNa hit twenty, five thousand feet that sounds better. But also as the guys undoing things, it's too late don't start yelling wait wait wait that's what he wants to hear right before. I on the ground. WAS NOT. One of David Blaine like normal God it was. It was the guy who jumped into the no that was him saying yeah. That stuff I didn't know that so. He kept advising him to do stuff. Like. No ask this other guy, the guy right next he'll tell you I did things do you even know who I am? Although. I think it does add a level of like, wow. The Guy who jumped out of a plane without a parachute to land in a net is telling him like, Hey, come on. Enough Yeah. And I think this is I think that goes back to my problem with. I'm a problem with this because I I thought the buried alive thing I thought the the ice thing. Frozen. In time I thought you said, this was just about ascension. But this one it was like. It seems like this was on some levels more difficult. Than what that other guy did? Yeah. Certainly a lot more coordination. Yeah but it. Didn't seem as impressive as what that other guy did you? Yeah and that's the thing and he was like I understand the logistical challenges. Of doing something like this. But at the end of the day in terms of like boom hey what did he do? Shit? He jumped from twenty five thousand feet without a parachute into a net, and this is like Oh shit. What did he do? He attached himself to a bunch of. Balloons and some equipment disguises balloons and he have parachute on. But then at some point, he did put a parachute on and then he hooked himself from the balloons and then he. Skydive from there. That's cool. But like I don't know. It's not. It's not a snappy Tom I like it when it's snappy. Yeah, I'M GONNA communication with real bad. It seemed like David. Blaine couldn't hear that guy very well and he kept asking very specific questions. People on the ground. Probably should have heard David Blaine fine if we could hear. David. Blaine. So David Blaine was like, should I unhook my left shoulder? qx I should I'm going to unhook my left shoulder correct. Correct. Correct, then the guy would the guy wouldn't say lick all he's looking for is correct. Yeah. Just say to David Blaine, correct correct. Just like yeah, and in the guy is just Like..

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