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It is still not clear why it happened. But we are learning a bit more about the Loudon County death of a young woman whose body was found over the weekend in a home in Round Hill. Here's w T. O P S Neil Augenstein. The victim was 24 year old Natalie Crow Loud and County Sheriff's Office says that she was stabbed by her boyfriend's brother Stone. Colburn is charged with second degree murder and would stabbing closed nine month old daughter. The Sheriff's Department says the daughter has now been treated and released. Loudon County. Prosecutors have not yet said why they believe Crow and her daughter were stabbed Stone Colburn's being held without bond until the court appearance in mid August. Dialogue can staying W two p news After years of legal battles, the Pentagon is walking away from its multibillion dollar jetty Cloud computing contract. It will instead pursue a deal with both Microsoft And Amazon. Here's federal news networks. Jared Sirbu, instead of continuing a protracted court fight with losing bitter Amazon Web services duty, says it's decided to cancel the Jedi contract. John Sherman, the acting deputy chief information officer, says the single award contract to Microsoft made sense back in 2018. But things have changed while litigation dragged on, given how the landscape again has shifted not only in government but private sector. You must have multi cloud really, to be as successful as you can be given the varying capabilities that each of the CSP s bring to the fight. Sometime this fall, the department will issue a solicitation for a new multibillion dollar cloud contract. Both Amazon and Microsoft are expected to get awards. Jared Serbia Federal news Network Up next in money news, so long, senior hours. I'm Jeff label 6 24. If you've tried antidepressants and.

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