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But regardless you know him. Being paired up with jared goff. I think it can work because i think You know golf is gonna look for security blanket. I think he's that guy I'm not a big fan of the wide receiving core for the lions. I mean i think could be okay but the lions are just not going to be a good team this year. But you know i think golfing hodkinson. I think it could work. you know. Goff lights to You know target the tight ends back when he was with the rams you know between be an everett i think hopkinson can definitely benefit from golf being as qb. Obviously it is definitely a downgrade from stafford. But i think awful target. The tight ends a lot more You know just. Because i feel like the receivers you know. It's a little a little iffy with them. But yeah after that Like i said logan thomas. i think he's going to do really well with With fitzpatrick i think this could be a big year for him as well. I think he can do more of the same of what he did. Last year. You know and this was with alex. Smith is as quarterback and twain haskins. Now let's see what he does with fitzpatrick who you know. I think is a more explosive quarterback. Now i've talked about the inconsistencies with fitzpatrick a lot. But i do think there will be a lot of games where fitzpatrick does really well in. The offense will definitely benefit from that. So logan thomas other tight end I also of dallas goddard. It was. I was debating on it as going through the tight end. Listening listing for here too. But you know. I think zakar. He's not going to have to re establish himself as a tight end until he does that. I'm kind of just going to assume that. God is going to get the bulk of the targets in terms of the tight ends and you know when he plays a decent tight end. It's just you know last year he did. You know deal with injuries. He missed the handful of games. But you know when he played he was decent and i do think that a lot of people will be drafting him. Hi this year then. I was wherever albertan. I mean he was great last year with the packers really Came on strong towards the you know the kind of the middle end of last year. You know scoring five touchdowns in five consecutive games. You know Obviously had that three touchdown performance in week. Four kind put people on notice and then he kinda cooled off In the middle of the season and then towards the touchdown in five straight games you know so. We'll have to see you know if you can replicate that. i mean. i think he'll do well. I mean i think he you know working with george kill and training with him. I think that definitely really helped him. So i think he could definitely repeat what he did last year. And then i put noah fancier noah fan definitely a guy that i think a lot of people are hoping he can you know. Take a jump in be that tight end that a lot of people are expecting him to be hopefully But hasn't really shown that You know is okay But we'll see. I mean the way. The broncos offense looked you know in that preseason game if that's what's to calm i mean broncos team is going to be dangerous and i was saying how the giants are definitely gonna win week one after that. I know it's preseason. But after that i mean i was like i. I don't know but we'll see again. It's only preseason. You don't wanna overreact to the preseason but you know that's you know that's my opinion on that but Yeah so that's your swimming on a tier three Mike irv smith junior. Johnny smith hunter. Henry tyler higby Rob gronkowski and you know what i'm gonna throw. I'm gonna throw berkshire in there as well and gerald everett. I'll throw them in there You know with these guys. You know the titans from new england. I think would hurt them as obviously they're going to be splitting targets. Kind of i mean jonah. S- is going to be the guy that's going to move the change. I think in hunter henry is going to be a guy that you know will be in the red zone big red zone target but the other thing is both these tight ends are hurt right now. So that really hurts new england because these guys are really going to be the focal point of this offense because you know you look at the wide receivers. The wide receivers are not bad. But i think the tight ends are really knows. What's going to make this offense successful mike. I put it to your three just because inconsistencies you know. I think that you don't like he has a tendency. You'll put twenty three points and then the next week a put up eight. I'm looking at Six statistics from last year week. Five hundred eleven point six okay. That's good right then. The following week he leaves a go sag. I mean that's just so frustrating as fantasy manager. You don't know what to expect from him Obviously i mean you'll get look at week. Thirteen fourteen That was with tour as a quarterback he had nineteen point three points. Twenty one point so i mean maybe two over the course full season. Maybe you know plays better. I don't know we'll see I mean obviously with fitzpatrick you know definitely put up good numbers. But it was inconsistent. I think general he's just an inconsistent titan. Want to see gronk. I put a tier three. I mean you know gronk was okay last year. You know definitely was better. You know as the season progress yet. He did have A three-game stretch between week. Six week eight where he averaged. you know. Twelve over Well he didn't really average. But yet a touchdown in every game. I think that's really what helped him. you know. he had sixteen point three or fourteen point. Seven twelve point one through those three weeks But there are definitely games where he disappeared. And i i again. Gronk is not what he was from four or five years ago. But i do think he's a guy that you can have as a backup tight end On your team so Yeah i put him at tier three earth smith. Juniors a guy that i think will see a massive jump in fantasy value will definitely have a lot more a lot. More people drafting him as opposed to last year. Vikings really don't have a number three tight end right now and i number three options..

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