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And get stuff. I gave a lot of guys tapes down there for other fights and all kind of some people for nothing. I got through to couple times, but so what? So who in your opinion are the greatest fighters of all time? I go by the what do you call it by the decades? Like I said, the 80s, I can just Ben Wilson. Bob probert Barry Beck Dave Brown, some of the, you know, he was from 82 to 95. Nick fatigue, Larry play fair, will he play curved Frazier Marty mcsorley? Joe kosher, you know, those were guys that were standouts. I never could put a number one on somebody because sometimes people would get you at the end of the shift. Believe it or not, most people tell me, I never knew there was an English French name out there. And most of the English people told me that the French guys wait to enter your shift and do your tired and then they come after you. You appreciate this. My very first tour of Japan. We flew from Calgary to LA and then LA to Tokyo. And the Edmonton Oilers were flying to LA as well. They must just play the flames they're on our flight. This is before I guess they flew private. And I was sitting next to a guy like this guy looks so familiar. I know, who is it? What's his name? What's his name? So he gets up to go to the bathroom. He's got his carry on underneath the seat. So I go down and I grab the tag, Dave semenko. And just as I look up and he's standing right there and he goes, get your hands off my bag and look. And I sat there and looked at my shoes the rest of the flight. That was so like you just sat there like angry, but it was like, yeah, you see these guys up close. They are big, intimidating men. And you imagine them at no two three inches taller on skates. There's no joke with these guys. Most of them are tremendous guys off the ice. I used to go to rookie game, those were loaded with flights before they pre season rookie game. Flyers and Devils in total when New Jersey, small rink, 12 fights, Greg smith's smythe. I'm talking with him. He's in regular clothes. No, he's a uniform still. He had fought Alan Stewart during the game, another devil, Boston Bruin. He goes for this one comes out here. I'm going to succor him. I said, Greg, you don't do that stuff. Keep it on the ice. You want to stay in the league. You need to calm it down. I don't care. If it happens, it happens, but I know him, and I'm going to tell him, Alan Stewart comes walking by in his suit. Hey, how you doing, Greg? Yeah, they show cancer. That's how it should be. Be on the ice. There's people like Maurice rocket Richard, wouldn't talk to Ted Lindsay for 25 years. Wow. He hated Tim Lindsay. And that was the old days, another story. I'm in the garden at Madison Square Garden and playing the Canadians. I used to sit down and practice to study numbers from the opposing teams. All of a sudden, Scotty Bowman comes out very stuck up type of guy sits behind me and goes, you have seen that because he goes, who's on the power play, who does the penalty killing? And I tell him, all of a sudden, he becomes enraged, where that son of a bitch, I'll find his ass so you a point was talking to Joel villier at the blue line. At the red line, nobody does that on my team. Oh gotcha. That's the way like John's Ferguson wouldn't talk to anybody at the end of the season to a different guys. That's the way they were back then. You played for your team before agents came in. The agents come in and they got 7 guys all on different teams and you get together in the summer for a barbecue or whatever. It's a different world. Now I don't even know any of the people in the league no more. Like when you guys went to the Nashville game, did you go? Yeah, I was there. If Tony knew me and I wouldn't know when. 'cause you would have been waking me up here for the first minute. Yeah. Boredom. Yeah. And they lead the league in fights, believe it or not with 22. There was a couple little skirmishes where there was no real fights at all. On the film Earl mccray did the talking and he brought me to the shortened and I don't know if you've seen the whole the whole thing. The whole thing. Anthony put the whole thing on. It brought me to the game. I'm yelling, nobody hits in this Anthony told me not to use the word pussy league. And the reason wasn't because of the players, it was because in 1980 they changed the rules to where now, if you, if you drop the gloves, if me and you were fighting and these guys are here, you have to go to your bench. And if not, you get a ten minute misconduct. Before everybody used to drop their gloves and everybody on the ice and pierce a guy, yeah. And some of those secondary flights were nasty as conviction. Nobody to break it up. You know, unfortunately, somebody like rod ceiling who had one fight may be in his career. You remember him with your worst. They would just hold the Jersey, you can just. Well, Don cherry always said when you don't want trouble, don't look into it, the other guy's eyes. Turn your head like this and people sealing one time. Steve shut ran one of my favorite players Eddie jacobin loved the guy. Ran him and ceiling was right there. He had no yeah, this is our goal. He had these accomplished goalie about that. Eddie was unbelievable. Great great guy. And ceiling had no choice but to grab shop, but he grid when held for dear life. And he gave them 5 minutes for fighting. Because that was the rule too. I mean, it still should be, but if someone even goes near your goaltender you get them out. That's guaranteed. Greg Smith, I was talking to noted AHL Goldie runner. I mean, slamming goalies into the back. I mean, he just was nuts. So who were the toughest goalies that you ever went? Billy Smith, Billy made a statement that if anybody doesn't like fighting, tell me I'll pay for the ticket and sit in the stands and watch it. Patrick wall had a couple of good fights. Sean Burke was a good fighter. I actually listed a couple of Al Smith and Andy Brown from the 60s, ray emery, black dude, unbelievable fighter. Wow. What the heck still? Yeah, so a couple of times. He was dirty than anything. His father is the one that chilled to beat up Brian next door. Oh, wow. I didn't know that was his father. Yeah, interesting. And Dennis was the uncle. He was pretty tough. I mean,.

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