New England Patriots, Super Bowl, Mccoy discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show


Secondary therefore i am not sold on their deep it therefore i do not believe that they can beat the new england patriots in an airsea championship game with a super bowl berth on a line but you never know particularly if the road to the super bowl has to go to heintz field as opposed to going through foxborough gillette stadium all of those things of thanks to think about you sort of buffalo bills still relevant because they gave the man the ball on my man shady mccoy in a blizzard and snow and whether nick limit weather conditions that's the worst that some reporters and players have ever seen in all the years all of that stuff is worthy things to get into but the one thing that we can't avoid talking about is what transpired yesterday with quarterback tom savage of the houston texts took a hit that put him on a ground and left him on the ground literally in what they call like a fencing position as high as alms went up deemed illegal ira rhythm orders one a dog gets hit or something like that and dumb his hands were twitching it was scary a possession later this man was back in the game i mean how could it how did that happen how did that happen savage was checked out in a medical tent for less than three minutes dim returned to the gave one series through to incomplete passes went to the locker room with two minutes remaining in the first half and was replaced by tj yates.

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