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Wait what yeah. He was eating pretty valley's past week again hurricane yes. She's been stress eating. It's a real problem. Put you guys just started the mitzi experiment i know within the hurricane hit and then he's sitting worried about the hurricane which very valid. But i have a job to do. He's on the nick. Sabin digest like sitting in front of the television. Yeah eating oatmeal cream pies. Watching the weather channel. I'm not saying he shouldn't have been stressed about the hurricane but it seems like he kinda owns you because he can be like yeah. I'm stressed about this. I'm gonna eat now week. We stressed about this. He's gonna eat but when he's like in his apartment and you can hear the crinkle of the bag. You gotta go in there and steal it from him. I know but he was in the middle of hurricane. I didn't know he was yet like you know. How do you take job very seriously. That's he's back. It sounds like your breakdown. All of his cheap meals. i saw that no pat. It was long list yet. Then i added up all the calories hypothetically in now for every five hundred calories. He owes me a suicide at a local basketball court. So that's where again to all. It sounds like the mincy experiments not going well but nice try. We're going for it okay. We're we're sticking to it Cool thrown we're going with derrick henry turns out derrick. Henry has a legion of practice squad players who are basically his stiff arm dummies so there was a video that went viral about as well competence job. Last was that his job probably Will you there on these pads and you see be running past and just basically you have these squad players on their hands and knees and dare kennedy is stiff arming the as they sort of lunge at him and he's hitting them in the head Repeatedly and i just couldn't imagine being like those players next must have like seriously. I don't think i would take like an nfl player salary. I don't think i would be on an act of if you were to come to me right now say. Pf t. i will pay you two million dollars a year to be a linebacker. You'll never have to get in a game for the titans but you get to wear the uniform part of the squad. I would say no. That's what my data. That's just a man's gotta have a right. And i think that that line that i have too much pride to just get stiff arm by derek regnery through the crust of the earth. Every single day agreed. They should develop some sort of dummy to do that on it. Also cool thrown fcf schools The single-game tackle record was broken by fordham player. Ryan green hagan. Who had thirty one tackles and game against the brasher. Go how ram fem so doing cover saint stat. Thirty one tackles it's only Twenty five tackles in the nfl held by reiner lacquer lumieres reiner lacquer ryan said brian. It's bryant everyone working All right Let's get to our interviews. We've got logic the wrapper off something a little different. And then we have dion coming up after that. Pf edward for one of our sponsors. Yes we've got some very important news coming through from our great friends over at chevy. It is that time of year again. The most advanced silverado is out. You can go buy it right now. It is the strongest most vincent out. They've ever made it..

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