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A character created by Drexel Drake and it followed the adventures of Michael wearing private I'd had a long run and radio from nineteen forty three all the way to nineteen fifty four was sponsored by GM blades craft and General Mills there was a pop popular series of movies starring John Calvert radio's Michael Waring was berry Kroger last Jermaine and last payment it was a short lived TV series that starred Charles McGraw we have a last demon episode for you now from November twenty sixth nineteen fifty called the case of the Stooges Aaron here is the falcons they clamp holds company bring Joel the adventures all the falcons starring less Damon hello yeah the falcons speaking Cornelia I'm glad you called but I have to take a rain check angel tonight I'm tied up with a character who try to pull off illegal swindle they found a loophole in the law but we found a bullet hole in this is an early he brands inviting you on behalf of the Kraft Foods company listen to the adventures of a palm it meant the falcons first in his best selling albums when you saw him in his throwing motion picture series now joined him on the air when the ball comes home about all the case of the Stooges Erin Sunday afternoon in New York and tall slender Rog Saunders is just come out of his apartment building the company by his squawk cigar chewing companion show for a body guard and canasta Juncal clean as they approached Saunders new foreign made racing job they see a man walking around the car study completion Hey boys Macy so I say Dogo so I see well.

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