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Legislation to stop the use of labor camps political labor camps. How much of the problem is really big business. Yeah i think that when it comes to big business the framing of it. It's not a uniquely chinese communist party issue. i think it's it's the issue that one. These firms started outsourcing their labor their manufacturing capabilities. I think their allegiance followed. And you know a lot of these these big corporations. They want the open borders. They want the cheap labor. But i've always said that you know. These open borders work both ways in the sense that they want cheap labor and and they want to send jobs out. They want to send our manufacturing capabilities outwards. And and i think it's you know you don't even have to kind of speculator or make guesses as to where their their allegiances and ideologies lie. Charlie munger who is big guy in finance but guy business He said quote china to the right thing and response to how the chinese government treated. Jack ma blue. Jack ma is is. No hero is still a member of the chinese communist party but as someone who who the chinese government kind of tried to just person and do away with because he wanted to maybe get a little creative In terms of innovation and the anchor rubai which is an offshoot of of alibaba but he sat in an interview. China was right how they handled him. And i think that just shows you and that speaks to what i was talking about in the beginning. Which is this idea of elite merger as opposed to just elite capture. In the sense that you know. I think frankly and you're talking about big business. I think it's hard to not talk about big tech. You know what. The chinese communist party did to jack. Aw i think is really what big tech in big business wants to do to trump supporters person conservative. Exactly they wanna jack ma us they wanna you know. Take this show off line. They and they do it. You know the national pulses band on twitter by the way guys. If you're wondering we just had a second termination on youtube. Show site was terminated. Then then mr produces. Youtube site was terminated yesterday. So yeah it's real this. This is the use of big tack in the past. Seventy eighty years ago. It was scratching trotskyite or the photographs. We started it was whiting out people who had become debt class. Say now it's just making whether it's mike flynn's wife having her credit card cancelled exactly no. It's it's it's the tactics of the chinese communist party and it's here and that sometimes it's hard doing what i do because i criticized the chinese communist party so much and they deserve it and they're they're horrible and you know at odds with every value that we hold as americans but you know the american ruling classes kind of doing a lot of the same things you're paying the penalty or what has happened to you from people here in america. Saying what are you doing natalie. You'll shaking the don't do that. You know knock on wood although maybe it's a sign. I need to do more. I've never been banned for thing. I've i've never well at least big tack world I've never barring the national pulse. I've never got a slap on the rest for many of of the big social media platforms although people who watch the war may know that a lot of our stories get censored by one of facebook fact checking partners. Nick called lead stories which we've done a very deep dive into this group A lot of actually. Let's let his elite stories lead story's the one of these quote unquote fact checking organs and really that just another bunch of democrats correct and chinese communist party payroll lease lead. Story's is is one of these organizations that if you've ever been on facebook and you click on and you see a story you get a notification you've just been exposed to fake news. They're the people that decide that and they had been censoring. Our stories coincidentally only the ones that seemed to target biden for a couple of months. And i decided to fight back because i was. I was really madison. I worked really hard on the story. I want people to be able to read it. So i started digging into the group and at first we found that of every political donation that employees had sent. They'd all gone to democrats there. Were a everyone who worked there. There's over one hundred thirty years collectively of experience. Working at cnn has journalists but the story gets more interesting because a few months back they got contracted with tick talk in their parent company by chance to start fact checking which as people while no is actually now officially a chinese state at least partially although at argued. There's no such thing as partially. Johnny stayed on company And they're on their payroll now Fact checking for facebook censoring stories about the origins of in nineteen and censoring our stories to And we had the the editor-in-chief the founder of the outlet on our show and he said he was quote very comfortable being in business with 'bite dance and saw no issues. Working with the chinese communist party tells him you mentioned covert. Let's talk about kovin. Big news this week The nine hundred pages of documents of the intercept got in foyer regarding gain of function research funding. Vira cut out from the us taxpayer and okayed by fao g. Give us give us an give you five minutes. That's that's a luxury luxury in media. Five minutes for those. Who are not familiar with you. Natalie don't know what the national policies haven't heard of rahim kasan which is impossible because well he's rain. What is one of the most important things about the last year and a half when it comes to co vid and wu hand and gain of function that most people ninety nine percent of mexicans have no idea about natalie i think a lot of people saw this intercept foia kind of document dump and a lot of the headlines bombshell groundbreaking revelation new documents. Reveal if you've been reading the national poll. it's not new in in summary. What these documents show. What we've kind of i would say added color to the national polls detailing the people grants who is profiting who was on the ground doing the research. It's a grant that started in two thousand fourteen called understanding the risk of bat corona virus emergence and sounds nice enough But when you dig into that grant which is of course now. Three point seven million dollars taxpayer backed grant. You can see that sixteen of the thirty studies that were completed under that grant were carried out in conjunction with chinese communist party controlled not even partially completely controlled owned and operated scientific entities and of the sixteen thirteen or at the wuhan institute of virology. Which is the only level full military biodefense lab in china. Yes it's also the lab that used to have Military researchers working there. They've deleted those names from their website. We've the archives of it. I'm and it's also lab that on march twenty first twenty twenty one listed. The national institutes of health is a partner and on march twenty. Second deleted that from their website. So that let let me let me ask the naive question. What is america doing. Giving one read send to communist china's biodefense lab like a crazy question. Natalie you beat me to it. And that's kind of the the narrative that i've been hammering. It's not a question of whether or not we funded gain a function research which is of course kind of a weaponization of theology in various different pathogens. It's a question of why we were ever funding chinese government controlled lab in the first place. And i think people don't really understand. It's not just the extent of the chinese government's kind of control over every aspect of chinese society. But this is the lab that has a communist youth league that has the united front work department. That has a party disciplinary committee. That on the weekend holds devotion sessions to the chinese communist party that studies the five year plans. You can go on their their website and see pictures of people taking the oath to the chinese communist party with their hand over their heart and the chinese communist party flag. up in the back They even say and deleted articles that we found that they pledged to implement the chinese communist. Party's agenda quote without compromise. Now at our that the cova nineteen fits that pretty well But this is you know through and through a chinese communist party run both financially and ideologically run labs so you hit the nail on the head as to why we'd ever be funding it in the i wouldn't foundry says a winner funding. We never find it. He's only saying that because we went through a cutout that he gave money to a private us entity and that entity gave it to wuhan and he knew what he was doing he knew wuhan was getting in. Yes so that's wrong for two reasons one. It's just salai put simply saying oh well we didn't fund it because we sent it to another organization the which is thought she's agency works And she has a very relationship with ego health alliance. It's not going to echo. Yeah it's not. Just that she something money found. She spoke at least two times in two thousand sixteen at echo..

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