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Seven forty eight all subjects of the Kingdom of Arizona Onto. He needs these worlds who full from his own. Dc We want to say that What your doing what? The people of Arizona are doing is is working We have slow the spread of covid nineteen We have hospital capacity were ramping up the testing blitz. We're seeing the symptoms dropping and businesses can continue to open. We want to continue to practice social distancing. That's what's going to be important going forward so we can continue to return smarter than return stronger. Royal The nation from your ten generous. You are listening to the conservative circus. I am your ringmaster. James Harris Lord. Ducie said what we're doing is working. We are slowly Kovic C That's great if that was that was the objective mission accomplished right. We wanted to make sure that our hospitals were not overrun. And we made sure of that. So then why are we slow walking the opening of the state? That's what has many people very very frustrated. Now Lord Ducie did about Progress in reopening businesses in the realm of Arizona. The objective here is to return stronger. We want to re invigorate to our economy in the state of Arizona. A little over a week ago. We gave the opportunity for our restaurants and retail Rega- reopen along with our gyms. And what I have seen has been Arizona's have been.

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