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I thought you guys deserve better. But the the ability to finish chances and expensively a chance that is so quote, unquote, easy like a penalty kick to completely flood it not just miss not just rocketed right at the keeper off the post but to limp dick that ball towards the goal. I think I think that a bomb Yang should absolutely be embarrassed of himself and to your point about yelling for talkin. Okay. I could give two shits when a player is in the penalty box when the either. Yeah, that that should have nothing to do with the penalty unless the guys like running in front of the gold like a chicken with his head cut off. If yet for Tommy starts running at the time that a bomb Yang starts his run-up. And all the polls like a pod. Bush slow road up out of nowhere or something yen rebellions momentum is going to carry him into the box. And I do not think that should require a penalty penalty to be retaken even in this circumstance where Yan we're told him God that crucial blog on a Bum Yang after after the rebound and a bomb Yang had a chance to put it back in the net. And we're talking stepped up and made that tackle. I do not care. If ver- told me should have been in in that box when he was all on saying all of my critique right now right here is a balmy because one he flopped like a motherfucker. To dick that PK three. He got beat out by defender that started six to seven feet behind him. Even though he was still in the box. So about meeting arguably, the fastest writer got beat out by giant giant Belgian? I don't think there's any excuses for Bombay. In this game, however overall for arsenal especially in midfield. And and in the goalkeeper position. I thought y'all were brilliant. I thought y'all deserved to have the three points. But you guys did essentially essentially and finally a race any kinds of questions about Tottenham being able to challenge for the title. I don't think there's any chance that they can't at this point. Yeah. Exactly. I just think daydreaming man like he just looked like he wasn't there in the game. Gamely? It just looked like he was shook. But I totally agree with you. I think if we would've won this. I think the big thing that hurts now is because we go to we play you next week this coming weekend, we got the lads Darby against Manchester, United and. This would have been a crucial three points for top four spot. You know, I mean, this would have been knocking Spurs out a little bit more, and maybe solidifying us more towards a top four spot. And now, we gotta go to you. Earn. It's at the Emirates. Sorry. Sorry. It's at the Emirates. But again like you guys are flying high which will transition to next but a couple other highlights Torrero with the crazy red card. There's an argument that Danny Roche should've had one when he was going after the ball and like essentially spiking burnt Leno in the chest. Again. That's a fifty fifty call if he's given a red card. He is. And this is my opinion. This is just my opinion. He's trying to play the ball. I understand. I think someone last night and the other show I was on with saying how goalkeepers and quarterbacks are really protected in this now and in this day and age, so I get the argument that like you should protect the goalkeepers. But at the same point like the guys just trying to play the ball terrar- is was just reckless and shutout to Paci for going to him after he tried to go like chirp into the referees ear and kind of like pulling them off being like come on, man. It's it's it's it's fine. It's game on it's not worth it. It's not worth it. So after he recently just got fined for chirping in a referee's era like deed for my team. Yes. Yeah. Always like, but yeah, that's all I have for the rest of this game..

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