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Now back to straight talk with Ross Mathews, welcome back to the program, looking at pictures, a little bungalow Ross. If you don't let me come be part of this design tame. Thank you. Don't love me. So you know what? It's blink. Couldn't Candice that we can make make so cute. Right. When I tell you we're going to rip through that. We're gonna rip out that pass through what's what's the pass through that thing. That's eventually what we're gonna do it just you can have a full. We're already now y'all. And after this bitch. And so fun to be there because it's new. It's a new thing for him. Yeah, than those countertops are gonna have to find a new. Yeah, they're gonna go, don't you dare worry about that? Calico kick. All right. Eventual thing. Rush. We're gonna make a cute and like the price. I told you the price. I got a four, two dollars and a tic TAC, Honey, God loves shipping. Deal, Honey. I love you for that because I was like, I want to see one a little country, but I don't want to be like an apartment. So it's gotta be no one above me. No one below me, no one on the side. I mean, this bound. Sure. Didn't. We do literally like a, it's a cottage? Yeah, it's the, it's actually more bungalow. It is. Spring. Call it, and he kept saying, he's like, do you wanna go just like drive by it? And he'd be like, we'll like sunset. So we should see what it looks like. It's. Keep going kind of person ended. The sounds crazy when I bought my house, my sat on my street, weird stalker and ate three meals a day there. I'm not kidding. You look at it. No, and I wanted to see like, are there crazy neighbors? Somebody comes Swiss and by does somebody have episode, you know, somebody say, underlaw naked and rub their, I don't know you gotta let the whole experience is in fact z. loved Palm Springs. He said to me that he you said to me and it was a great compliment. You said that you had been there a million times, but like never really fell fall in love with it like you'd think that you're exactly right. I always felt like Palm Springs was many malls TJ Maxx and heat. That's all in a gorgeous Nordstrom rack, cutting my five run around. Yeah, that to next. So TJ max. I didn't want to discount Nordstrom rack mount Nordstrom rack. So this time around with Ross, taking me everywhere and showing me a whole other side of Palm Springs. I'm in. I now see why people love it, and Ross is the ultimate embassador to it's an NC. Jake is when you get them together, you get to see like places you didn't know rooftop this, like he's like the energized energizer bunny. I just keeps going and going, but it's fun. It's fine. I, I'm a busy body for breakfast. That was so cute and we'd coughing. No, the I forget the name of that. Please caffeine cafe it was so cute. And then I took a fancy to Billy reeds, which on the inside looks like little house on the prairie and then took him to my favorite place the casino, but the run. Buffet wasn't open because the remodeling it so he didn't get to have my sugar. Free jello, how I love this little sugar, free jelly to experience it next time. Next time we'll listen. There will be a next time and is so exciting. Yeah, thank you. But you know what else is exciting to serve, hey, when listeners send in content CJ you know, I love when people bell, Scotty, cookie, elephants ethylene, people listeners put together something and send it infrastructure too. Well, they've done it again. This comes from I've and now who here has seen a star is born. I have. It's my date tomorrow night. My husband made me way is home to go see it with. It's so good. And you know that song shallow, oh, it gives me cold chills, and I have not seen movies. The movie. Modern a little share. The other one that you played for me about era Zona. That's good too, but this is this one shallow shall is the win because someone buried in shallow. Jong girl. She trimmers Trump. Well, then. I van listener. Ivan, did a parody of shallow. Just for us. Coming at ya each Ivan. Andrei chocolate arosh. Kale. Tell me something or. Fag zeal, tingling down. Jay rod, no. His missing out on some amazing saw..

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