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Searching for the person who shot and killed a fifteen year old boy leaving his body overnight on the grounds of the R. L. Thorton elementary school fifteen year old Michael Phillips was found shot dead on the basketball court of Thornton elementary mother she making a white says Michael was a good student and former quarterback but recently had been threatened by men in the neighborhood go to watch muscle in on the ground the the was there when I got there white said there were more than twenty bullets on the school grounds Kimberly James KLIF news road rage incident got really ugly in fort worth last night police were called out to ridge Mar Boulevard in west fort worth around six o'clock in the evening we're an argument between two drivers resulted in one man pulling a knife on the other police say the man who was stabbed tried to drive away but the other man jumped in front of the vehicle fell underneath and then was run over and dragged the man who was stabbed refuse treatment the stabbing suspect was being evaluated at a hospital and we still don't know what caused the argument an arrest has been made in connection with the death of a ponder mother of two is body was found in a Denton creek twenty one year old Tanner Brock charged with the murder of twenty year old jade Harris body was spotted by two teens were fishing near the creek last week she had been stabbed to death and was reported missing on October twenty fifth a day before the arrest the victim's mother said she had suspicions as to who murdered her daughter he's being held now on five hundred thousand dollars bond father of the woman shot and killed in her home in a fort worth by a fort worth police officer the father has died a family spokesperson says fifty nine year old marquees Jefferson the father of a ton Tiana Jefferson died Saturday his death comes less than a month after his daughter was fatally shot Erin dean resigned from the fort worth police department and was charged with her murder last month the Dallas County judge granted Jefferson a temporary restraining order giving him full authority to make arrangements for his daughter's funeral and burial those close to the family say Jefferson suffered a heart attack Clayton level KLIF news the battle over plans to end life support for North Texas infant continues cook children's hospital has stopped plans now to end life support for nine month old Tinsley she was born prematurely with a rare heart problem and won't recover from her condition according to the fort worth star telegram doctors say she also suffers from chronic lung disease and other conditions that are required several complex surgeries hospital officials believe it is intensely is best interest to quote free her from artificial intervention and suffering big downtown Dallas veterans parade kicks off this morning with an Air Force missing man flyover at Union Station recall whole journal of France to be the keynote speaker and we will also head of dignitaries from Britain Italy and Canada as Pat type hell he notes that for World War two veterans including one hundred three year old James Maggie Miguel us a famous paratrooper will be this year's parade grand marshals the parade starts at eleven o'clock this morning in front of city hall wants to many downtown Dallas streets and will return to city hall it is veterans day bad the stock market will be open today let's get a business update number net worth radio Spence account Spencer good morning Amy well the week begins with a happy message JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon declares on sixty minutes last night this is the most prosperous economy the world has ever seen the Dow's down a hundred and sixteen points to start the day about twenty seven thousand five hundred still a little bit higher than the record set twenty eighteen West Texas intermediate crude fifty six sixty per barrel at the ten year U. S..

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