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Firm off sports sports. Larry Kroger is look at the headlines here in the five o'clock hour Well, wouldn't amazing win for the Giants last night 23 to 5 Giantsmost run scored in 30 years, they up their record, 18 and 19, and they had a 61 lead today in the fifth looking for the two game sweep in Denver. Iraqis would come from behind against Sam Kun, Rod Tyler Rogers and Wind up Giants Blow the sixth one lead one of losing 96 and split the two gamer in Denver. Alright giants were off Monday. They're off again tomorrow Friday. The Diamondbacks roll in And Saturday, Madison Bumgarner will return to the bump. That's right. He makes his return has been out with a back injury pitch Saturday against the Giants at Oracle Park. Naevia is who played just one day since August. 26 are back in Oakland. They're scheduled to play Friday. The A's air now scheduled to have four double headers in the final 20 days. Of the regular season couple. FOOTBALL. NOTES Washington coach Ron Rivera has announced that Dwayne Haskins will be the starting quarterback. The Tampa Bay Bucks in New England Patriots. Both are showing interest in Leonard for net who was waived by the Jaguars earlier in the week. New England today cut Mohamed Sanu. They traded a second round pick to get him. Just a year ago, and the Raiders cornerback Damon Arnett, Theo, how state rookie broke his thumb today in practice those of your half past deadlines. We shall tell you. MBA scoreboard to games on the MBA today. Heat leading the Bucks 83 82, but a minute to play in the third quarter. Game seven. Tonight, O K. C and Houston the Rockets five point favorite. Those you have passed headlines. You best be ready because Mr T is goingto do up..

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