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Here smoking I was really hoping. Please be professional. More options. Hi ralph. My name is Milo Yiannopoulos, and I'm guest on this week's was. I'm sorry. I'm guest on this week's leading of skanks. I'm smoking in the studio. Sorry about it but love you. Thanks. Callback. We both did. Their fire things. Hosting. They didn't put down. Always mad at you. He made him going to one hundred percents. Bobby's equipment and we can't add smoke around. All right. We can't guys what does that mean? We can't why don't we do this has stop up? Okay. I'm not vape everyone. Because I again in my life. Yeah. Cool of Sixers stop cigarette. Don't stop it. Bobby Bobby equipment that we can't smoke thing. You talking about. I'm made a nice joke, is used for fucking rock stuff. Lie. Just about to go down you guys smoke. Right hand, man. Raise a fucking. Well for Milo. Come on. Ralph. Yes. Antismoking. Well, yes, bought a vegetarian really more. Yes. I'm on his many books about the good. Good. Yeah, the racism, the anti semitism. The genocide blah, blah, blah, blah vegetarian is Hugo Boss. Outfits are overrated. They were fine, but they were not dramatic whatever dramatically better than other fascist regimes. All right. His real aesthetic accomplishment wasn't really his album. Spear who was the architect, who reimagined the rice thug, and who did the least list, you know, the cathedral of light. Three idiots. We're all nodding. Obvious. Spears cathedral. I'm actually on the next month. Show their Sunday night at. Yeah. Yes. Door deal. My walk with. Rubles. What if whatever gruesome origins led to this? I'll tell you, it, it'd be father and a mom, you hung out a Jewish mom hung out with pikers for some reason. No. That's makes perfect sense to me. Yeah. The whatever happened to you doesn't prevent you from going to a library. No all logging onto Amazon. Hey. Yourself about the fundamentals of history of western civilization. I, I saw a documentary was about the rock and roll parking lot. The decline of western civilization is about. Sounds like it fantastic. Playing this game where you gotta guess, like a building. Yes. Or no questions. He got down to. It's a publicly run building. Guess everything else except museum. Everything. Well. Favor. Remind me we are dumbest shit, which is Larry's, so we did a parody video of us because we're ever Hugh on. So they must be LA comics. But they found a clip of the legions gangs Miley, Annapolis episode yesterday. It's actually pretty funny. Of welcome to the leasing of skanks podcast. I'm Billy Ray. But do go with me is always big tanning to go and honcho the big man on. On the program day your controversial figures. So I gotta ask you something say the effort in front of your mom. Hold on my little before you answer that. Right. Does that mean you don't shit? In my head. Brought to get that picture out of my mind. Dude, hold up if I can give real first second homeless guy had tits. You answer that dude that literally the most messed up thing. What is wrong with your mind? We gotta move on. We're gonna go around the horn more shit..

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