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Make a deal um and you know he doesn't have b three has the temperament in the personality uh that uh buffet would probably look for in his successor he doesn't operational experience which was even buffet didn't have a great point i mean he he knows how to run a business then in he ran met american right well he's run several utility you can uh he did at various points in his careers has had run a different parts of the berkshire hathaway energy portfolio d the important thing to note there though is the in in the last several years he's really run its business much the way that buffet runs the whole conglomerate they have more than twenty thousand employees across all the energy businesses by the headquarters for bertrank three energy only has about two dozen people and that's really a management philosophy that allows the decision making the daytoday decisionmaking to be to be done at the business level in frees up the guy who's running it in this case able to make more strategic decision to bat semis freight side warren buffett is looking for in a successor yeah i mean i think he's looking for someone who have been very clear about this isn't going to be motivated by ego or a big paycheck so on that score it helps greg able is made a lot of money in his career he also.

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