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Saint Paul, Minnesota have not yet made it through. And then there's a shortage of space for what grain does make it through with some elevators refusing to take more green, because their full officials say they cannot yet estimate how much the flooding has cost farmers and shippers Martin ABC news, Saint Louis lands, winning this year's Eurovision contest held in Tel Aviv. The star of the contest watched by two hundred million people, Madonna. Here's ABC's, Danny Miller and Jerusalem. Madonna said she was planning a surprise for fans and she delivered with a rule breaking political message during her Eurovision performance in Tel Aviv during her new single few. Future, the Queen of pop had two of her dancers walk arm in arm up a long staircase on their backs. One more the Israeli flag. The other opposed Indian flag. The apparent message of coexistence and peace applauded online by some viewers, but others called it inappropriate and useless Giordano Miller, ABC news Jerusalem. This is ABC news. Hey, Sean Hannity, and you are listening to news ninety six five WDBO where Orlando turns for breaking news, weather, and traffic, twenty hours a day. Whether plucking boy, Southey steel appliance warehouse, calm and quiet for the first part of the day, upper sixties right around sunrise today, then as we go through the afternoon, it gets hot ninety light southeast breeze. The clouds build most areas stay dry, but there is a slight chance for a stray shower during the afternoon from channel nine eyewitness news. I'm meteorologist, George Waldenberger. Now SafeTouch Security triple team traffic. I four westbound at John Young a crash blocking several lanes. Traffic has completely slowed down is backed up to OBT fairly moving it all you're going to want to get off, as soon as.

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