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A great fan base with lots of support. I mean, there's going to be so many guys that want this job and ladies at want this job. It's going to be a fascinating process to watch. Yeah. One other thing, I didn't mention when I talked about a jury was the fact that he has experience working with high profile coaches with very strong personalities, and you're certainly going to need somebody that has those qualities and who's done it successfully. So yeah, it's going to be really really interesting. It's going to be a critical higher. They're going to have to get the money, right, obviously. But you know, I to me, and I we've all said it, but to me, Texas AM, they truly are the sleeping giant to me in both football and basketball. And now they got the right guys in there. They're in a position to do a lot of damage. Just gotta make sure you get a guy of in this as e position, you know, that that that works MU. With with those coaches at the revenue sports. I mean, I I have a feeling, you know, they'll they'll come out with a really strong candidate there. But it is going to be really interesting. Well, you I believe that when you're in this situation is Texas AM, they they can't fool around Scott, Scott, the thing that impressed me much. Scott wood is that he he got people hired any got it done cry. Okay. Didn't you know, you got JIMBO Fisher done buzz Williams? And he just seems to connect with people and the next guy Texas AM or lady Texas has got to do that. Hey, jamie. I gotta run. Thanks for calling him a friends. Good to hear from you. I like why started you later? Tony. All right. We're gonna take a break. Now. We're here to take your calls at eight five five two four to seven to eight five. This is Tony Barnhart sitting in for Paul finebaum. Don't leave. Now. Come back with us. Paul Paul finebaum show. But pride passion than pageantry of college football lives. Here is the Paul finebaum show. Our three podcast. While Williams.

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