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And if you don't know who I'm talking about there. That's fine bear with me here a little bit to build up the suspense a little this question. Obviously inspired by the fact that there were no women nominated for best director this year. And the woman did not direct any of the films that got nominated ultimately for best picture. And this is unfortunate when you consider that khloe gel made one of the best films of the year in the writer Mariel Hellers, can you ever forgive me was in my top ten in a lot of people's top ten Debra Granik in my top twenty for leave. No trace could have been higher. Got a lot of acclaim did win some awards in your top ten. She was overlooked Lynne Ramsay for you. Ever really here. Timor Jenkins for private life plenty of options they were there that category. And it just didn't happen, unfortunately. And I think we might get one or two this year based on just an early glance of what's coming out. I'll get to those titles, but I just a few others. I'm gonna throw out Jennifer Kent, making her follow up to the baba book, the Nightingale we've already talked about cleared unease highlife, here's one that wasn't on my radar at all until I started preparing for this show. Andrea Berle off directing movie called the kitchen, which comes out September twenty seem similar in some ways to widows it stars. Elizabeth moss, Tiffany haddish and Melissa McCarthy as sort of wanna be criminals they're forced to take over their husbands mob empire in New York. It set in the seventies and Berl off previously wrote the movie World Trade Center and also straight outta Compton. So she's making her directing debut with this film Mahjan who did Persepolis has movie called radioactive coming out. Starring on you, Taylor joy. Rosamund pike and the great Simon Russell Beale from the death of Stalin. It's a movie about Marie Curie and her husband Pierre de Reese did mudbound. A few years ago has a new film coming out the last thing he wanted based on a Joan Diddy novel and Hathaway, Ben Affleck and Willem Dafoe star. And that's those are all potential contenders..

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