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10 W T. V s all right along with her gallon of coffee that she has Ellison. Why joining us right now? Alison, What are you working out for nine o'clock? Well, there's some lane restrictions underway now on the state route. 1 61 Bridge in Dublin gas prices dropping now for the first time in nearly two weeks and the remains of a Navy Foreman Mac Soviet are coming back to Ohio will take a look at that coming up at the top of the alright, Thank you, Allison 8, 47 traffic and weather together from temp star heating and cooling products. Here's Johnny Hills. She's not used to getting up at the crack of insane oclock anymore, And that's disappointing. She has more energy than everyone else of us here all combined. I don't doubt that one bit. Two accidents on the outer belts currently to 70 westbound west of 3 15. In fact, you've got two of your own here as you have west for sawmill both off to the right side. We're back to about 23 to 70 south past Hamilton Road where left wing had been blocked earlier. Looks like that Left leg being reopened. But be careful if you're in south of 6 70 I 70 East getting his accident cleared at 3 15 traffic sponsored by mattress firm Get a king bed for a queen Price and mattress firm Save up to $500 during the best Liberty sale ever top rated brands like Ceiling and Sleepy's Plus, Get a free adjustable base when you spend 6 99, or more traffic and weather together, powered by temp star and custom mayor of how Johnny Hill NewsRadio six W T V. F A. B C six first Warning whether with Andrew Buck Michael powered by the basement, Dr Andrew We've got rain moving in. But what What time is that? Gonna be here? Well, the good news is really doesn't kick in until tonight. Force.

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