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You know teenager who fights with them all the time and we we saw catherine who's who's in the film and and she was great but i felt like there was a couple of all the colors the needed to see and what did you feel at least is if you remember that she wasn't showing you at that moment i think it was i think she nailed completely the anger and i guess i was just wondering if they could was another a hint of something else to to to to to find but we were strangely when the way they saw a couple of actors who are all that to all the softness and the lights went back and how to look at catherine again she came in again and and i think i just kinda hinted that could be a touch of that and she showed that brilliantly to so but also comedy even in a scene of dark and angry as that it needed a touch of of of comedic timing to and catherine was brilliant any other parts that you also were were in terms of the offering a part to someone straight away sandy martyn who played san morocco's mom in the film she had a small part in seven psychopaths didn't make it but she was brilliant in that so i called the back for this and i felt like an idiot for even have an addition because at the end of like one line reading she she she nailed it and and was able to offer it to sandy there i think she's amazing did you tell her in the room yeah so there we have another example of a talk about rehearsal process particularly because that something you know well yep what about herschel process for all of you move or majors in seeing what you do in reversal process by talking about you were i i like trying to do as much as possible on this we probably didn't get quite as much because francis was quite determined that she wouldn't gross with any of the cops in the film so she wouldn't even though she loves woody insane.

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