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Winter weekend. We'll all be under blankets watching you guys and then next Sunday, man or a week from Sunday. You guys have you guys have the dandy of dandies. This is gonna be it. So great breakdown loved it. Fart. I want the game to start now, basically, is what I want. So we're not gonna get that ready to like my This was like my pregame show. Another interview between now and the Super Bowl. This is the one that got me ready, so warmed up. Yes, If anybody calls you wanted to go home right now, cause you to be on a show for around the country to be like I'm just gonna refer you to my Murphy back in view of Wednesday, January 2017, right. So, uh, we sure will, man. Give your family a big hug. And it's so great to have you back. Can't wait for the Super Bowl, and then we'll catch up down the road. Jim, Thanks so much, Jim. Always a pleasure. Thank you guys. Gentlemen. Polly. Gentlemen. There's only one ship is only one gentleman. That was him. And the Murphy Mack shows, of course sponsored by there's only other one gentleman. That's Greg O'Donnell, sponsored by O'Donnell Financial O'Donnell Financial Group Because planning is a process for loans, insurance, investments and retirement call Greg O'Donnell at 866496 23 100. Was awesome. Huge breakdown really was. I've just got to pick your brain on anything that's stuck in your head from that. I'll give you mine, okay? Don't think Steve Spagnola, D coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs. Beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. All right, all right. You know, I'm gonna Fresca Polly, just like e really Castle. My hair too. How about a fresco? Yeah, Tom Brady said. We'll see you next thing you know, some kind of Blue Jersey was driving his a into the turf. But see when I hear stuff like that, though, that's kind of way I felt going into last week's game. It's like, Well, you know, that just means more ammunition and fuel for Brady. Now it's like God. Me. How does a Nance flip the script on me? I said he turned What? When I said he's never I've never seen a guy like tie. He's almost like Tiger, and he's like maybe tigers like him, Dude, Nance driving the lane right there, Gorilla Duncan on you. He really did. He went Darryl Dawkins on you right there, breaking backboards out here. But that is an interesting, you know, I mean, they're the only two guys that could really understand. Like, seriously right. Let Jordan Yeah, Yeah, those three I think it's in the three years three. Stand alone to me. I guess you're right. You win more right? I don't know. The fourth would be well, LeBron's big toe shoe, but LeBron's been to a boatload, but he doesn't have those. Nobody gives him any love. And I know what you're gonna eat straight finals. Where you gonna eat street A little bit. Nine. Just absurd, absurd. But you know what The problem is, is he didn't win enough of them. I think it's true but also be like undisputed. He's 14 Brady's 16 so And LeBron.

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