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No no baby. You wanna listen. This is the right way. I maybe wouldn't have been divorced or you got married in the first place. We're trying to give y'all a heads up. Do you wanna ride to and into the canyon. We wanna take a chance on gravity okay. You know what we're going to continue this discussion on the other side. We got bashed for cash coming. Here's the deal. We got two thousand two thousand dollar price. Okay if you pick the right dodger angel player you get a thousand dollars if you pick. A dodger earned angel player to hit a home run in specific inning. You can win two thousand dollars. That's how this works. Here's my advice. L. you know says we're about to be giving advice to everybody anyway right now. Exactly i don't know if you should be picking a dodger right now because their offense kinda stinks at the moment it last night okay. They didn't touch with the balls right. So maybe i should be picking an angel is all. I'm saying at least for now at least for now. Don't you need a passport to pick an angel. If you're in la sorry to say so all right. So that's going to happen in this commercial break and then in the term so caller for is going to get a chance for the money or to play bachelor cash. Everyone else i want you. Whose side are you on. Are you on me. And laura side of if your friend is relationship is doomed from the beginning. Do you tell them or are you with greg. And l z and say you stay out of people's business eight seven seven hundred ten. Espn will do that. We'll get into the dodgers and that awful no hitter yesterday all coming up in just a month. Thank you christopher. We'll get to all your calls on the Do you tell your friend before they get married that this thing is doomed calls me second but more importantly it is time to play bass for cash has just said so. We have dane. Leon in los angeles now dane. I've got some bad news for you. Although congratulations on being tested so the bad news is the angels plate started at four ten and shohei ohtani radio home run which probably would have been most people's pick if they would have gone with an angel so you all are still stuck with. The dodgers are not hitting very well of late. So here's how it works if you pick a dodger player to hit a home run and in what inning if you predict the correct player you win a grand if you predict the correct player and inning you went in two thousand dollars now now now dane you you get ready. You think for a second okay. But here's the catch for everyone. Not named dane. Leon in los angeles. Okay if we don't have a correct prediction today. Dane doesn't come through today. Mondays cash prize goes up to eleven hundred dollars and twenty two hundred respectively. Okay so dane. Give us your prediction. Which player from the dodgers will hit a home run in tonight's game and what inning. Where i'm gonna go with Jackson turner wanna third any third. Just just okay. So let me get this right deigned. You picked justin turner in the third innings that correct correct. Okay there you go good luck. Alrighty thank you see about. I'm just hoping for anybody in any after last night. Yes series thanks very much and make sure. Listen on monday at four fifteen. We'll have another bash for cash contestant and special things to only bring safety and simplicity to refinancing your home owners dot com for more info today. I so here's the deal now. The phones are open now they were done with bash for cash. Okay if your friend is in a relationship is going to. that's doomed and they are set to get married whether it's a man or woman or whatever do you tell them ahead of time how you feel about their potential disasters relationship now lauren. I believe you step in. And you do your due diligence as a friend in our opinion l. z. And greg said none of your business. You let that person go through what they need to go through. I didn't know see nazi stuff to greg. He added two. I satellite added stuff to it. We simply said mind your business. Okay mine your business fine all right. Mind your business. So it's either you tell them how you feel a mind your business is that okay now you go all right so hit us up. Eight seven seven seven ten. Espn eight seven seven. Seven seven three seven. Seven six in the internal. Let's talk about those hitless dodgers yeoman. There's a problem okay. this is a problem. Let me explain something to you. Mookie betts is hitting two forty seven okay. Justin turner is the best hitter in your lineup at two eighty three. That's fine but not. Jt numbers though correct. Everyone is hitting poorly this season. I don't even know how to explain now. I know they've got a lot of injuries for sure. But in the rona. I me might as well. It's not good for another year. I think i think so. But i don't know what the issue seems to be. The issue is george. They're not getting any hits. While there's that that's hot. Take for you people there you go. I mean listen man. There's a lot of things at play here. There is the tendency for some championship teams to have a hangover and following season in every sport. We've seen countless times chirp. There's also of course obviously the injuries to significant and key players. Were you talking about dusty. May who he forgot his gone by the way because he loves swirly because of injury but he's not available to us and we obviously know what happened to our mvp and we know what happened. I mean so. We know the injuries right. So we have hangover. We have injuries and then we have what you like to call. It's just baseball. It is just baseball sometimes. So when you add those three things together you have these moments of slumping these moments in which you're like home. I was going on and believe it or not. That actually happened last season two and the season before that and the season before that we just forget because they turn it around and have deep bronze in the playoffs so we forget that there were regular season struggles and this is where we are again. Guys were just any regular season struggle. Which is why. I didn't put too much weight. Into sweet. By san diego padres because lo and behold oh. We still can't hit so was it really the padres or was simply. We're a slump. Okay but at what point you know we we've been sitting here is just may. Oh it's just june. Well we're gonna be in. July next is still june. Okay but he's gonna be july next week by late next week. Right still next not early you making. It sound like his mondays more. Go thursday friday. That's like a thing. Like what boy do. We go like man this july july. I'm gonna give you a date. Okay give me a date borges down. We hold on although we did this. What's up in the morning show. It was actually hilarious. Let me. I started panicking. Yeah yeah we had a panic date we did back. We bring it back. Bring it back if we're not number one in our division. Okay by august third. I'm freaking out. Okay see now breaking number. I by c. Dot took it up a notch. If we're not in first place by august third. I'm freaking out. I might even get my nipples pierced. I mean that's i got rape lives left days left. The price just went up to say some gay stuff as. Oh it's what the sneaking comes know over right. There were on independence. Day exactly won't be a rainbow incite. What is july. And what is the month of july. Like what does that mean for my birthday month. Okay that's all that matters your birthday month. Celebrate the home on all right. Not that you know we care are you. What thirty three or thirty four. Thirty three okay. So you right tours earlier. I said i was going to be thirty. Three two weeks did you. You can show straight up thirty thirty three..

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