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And it includes problems in Europe. I'm going to continue to talk about Europe. I'm going to continue to talk about at least the the dynamic on trade the dynamic with the fed those things aren't going to change until four percent. So to your point about a flush. It's up four percent year to date the markets of the indices have given back. We talk on the accurate about its gains. I wanna see you got to see a flush. You can't tell me stock has been flushed when it's still positive on the year. Why? No, you've got to see a real. There's people holding on apple have you. Have you talked to people are they selling their apple yet? I'm still. I bought apple one hundred ninety after the last round earnings as far as I'm concerned has been flushed. So I mean, I wanted to one ninety most people bought it allow. You paid. People have not thrown in the towel with apple if apple restoring to tell you would see it. What is then what is the phrase towel split? Civil. Bought as Baillieu stock and as a growth stock in there. Split in value stock. So you need to see it be flush now people are still believing. Now, what price is a flesh. I think down twenty-five is fleshy still positive still positive. When the indexes are low flat to lower your is the triple bomb year. Why why why is it that we have to care about your today unless? Really? One guy is everybody. Ford bucks. Here's are you. Where are you over on the left? I don't know where am I. Listen, I don't think necessarily that being up down on the Europe. I mean to me flushes when you see three four times normal volume on a on a day where it makes it either new all-time lower new fifty two week low. And we haven't seen that did when we see a five times normal volume day apple then I'll said we've seen the flesh to Cairns point though. It's a pretty significant move to the downside. And if in waiting for the Seattle story, and I don't think it's fundamentally changed the way they're telling their story change. But the apple story itself hasn't one of Wall Street's biggest bowl says the bottom isn't in just yet. Tony Dwyer Canaccord Genuity joins us now. Tony one of the biggest bowls on Wall Street. Yeah. Getting. Tonight, bore you to death with that. I'm going to be bullish until the end of the cycle..

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