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I was category at such young age. They hadn't had to put me in an adult prison. So I transferred to Milton Keynes has a category. I. Ian might they put me in the segregation unit there. And then they said like this did I do that. Because because that was a big reason for it. They believed to be category. I you have to you have to the you have to be to demonstrate to the ministry of Justice that you have the money means capability will and the access to firearms to be to make a determin scraped attempt from lawful custody and escape must be made impossible. So they believe that because it must have that in my links to the criminal underworld at such a young age that there was criminals there that would try to break me out of prison is interesting. This is a one level you sound very innocent. You know, like the young man like, then, you know, just Kate. And on the other hand, you had been around guns and that and around crime and had a knife at school that and presumably of low level crime was normalized in your environment. And it was few inevitable that you got any crime. So by the time, you find yourself in that position that you were about to be putting a maximum. Security prison. Did you feel like scared? And did you feel right? Yeah. No common criminal. How did it feel at that time? Do Do you you know know what? what? Like again grind up again in the environment. In which I was in prison. I wasn't fearful of it like most normal people be quite frightened to go to prison because he's something so normal to them having your freedom taken off you. But when you're growing up and uncles cousins that dads to prison what like imprison what prisons like when I went in there. It was nothing to be fearful of really I will. I wasn't scared of the system the system didn't hold any fits me would most normal. People you bright law. People don't write law because it's morally wrong to break the law. But when you're growing up, and you you have you've you've got these you foster these hatreds will system the when you get inside. It just increases said before to me like I said my school in Moscow teachers will my system and that was my first he went into prison in southern in the prison offices. It was very real life prison officers their reality like they look in a metal door and Iran. What the system stands for and again, not my hatred towards them. And what it stood for if they'd asked me to sit down on stand up later to go left or go. Right. And it was all about been. So for is precisely sweet compliant pioneer. No. But I was more. It wasn't more physical. Here wasn't violence. I was just much more so of detested system. And I I did everything to make it as difficult as I possibly could for them. So not give them my name and address when I was in. They wanted me to do stuff. Like, I won't go to work. I wouldn't I wouldn't I I was to watch a believe when when you went into environments people that that changed week that is what I was as a kid. He was able to Windsor prison intern project you of their life, Ron and went down a different road. And I rehabilitate it they would think to be weak in the world in which I grew up in his kids..

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